Higgins more opinionated that most Pinsters

I only voted for him as the best of a bad lot, but now I’m not sure.

He seems to have an opionion on everything, and its as biased and political as any other. He’s more a pundit than a President.
To me the President is supposed to be above politics and current affairs, but he seems to want to wallow in the mire, first in Europe and now here.

Anglo is none of his business unless a bill is put in front of him to sign. Nowhere in the constitution requires or expects his 2 cents, irrespective if it is popular or otherwise (unless approved by the Government per Article 7)

In some ways the country is more like a punditocracy. Remember Geraldine Kennedy standing for the Dail in the 80s, and winning a seat. Her successors Fintan O’Toole et al flirted with the idea but were afraid to lose their pundit power. They fool themselves that they can effect change in their columns and radio slots and who can blame them but there’s a diminishing return on indignation. Look at Bepe Grillo. Decided to stay above the fray, now as impotent as a wet dishrag.

Michael D never really cut it as a politician with power. He’s continuing the same game, making the right noises but staying aloof from the grimy sausage factory.

:laughing: superb.

I thought Michael D was a fantastic Minister for Arts, Culture, and the Gaeltacht. He had the right background for the job, and he genuinely valued the areas for which he was responsible.
I’m exceptionally fucked off with him saying that Bowe, Fitzgerald, and Drumm aren’t Irish - that’s a stupid thing for the President of a Republic to say. I don’t like the Anglo boys, but fucked if Michael D has the right to strip people of their citizenship, even metaphorically. If we don’t own our mistakes, we’ll never get anywhere.

I always thought Michael D was a pompous asshole and my opinion hasn’t changed. He’s every bit the president I expected, except I thought that even he would have the sense to keep a zipper on it more than he has. I know he was pretty much at the end of my list in the election, can’t remember if I put him before or after Martin McGuinness.

The presidency is a waste of money. Do we really have to pay that much for a mouth piece? Even if you agreed with 100% of everything he ever said I bet you could get better value for money

definitely but since we are stuck with him he might as well do something to pass the time of day.

Given the subdued flatline non existent response to all the shit thats come out somebody, anybody, kicking up a fuss is to be welcomed. Even to just get people thinking about what the fuck is going on. This shit is real, not the contents of a white paper. look whats happened to Greece, not a million miles away economically from ireland inc

I agree. Given the scale of our problems it is certainly an office that we could do without. In the old days of Hillery et al, they were content enough to carry out their constitutional functions. However, since Mary Robinson broke the mould, we now see the role transform into something much larger with resultant expectations that each new incumbent will add to the role and perhaps take it in a new direction.

One might argue that this is ok but I was at a gig recently where Michael D was doing the honours. He turned up with his Mrs, two Gardai, his Aide de Comp and a press person. Can we really afford all this for the sake of opening envelopes?

Now Hillary was Presidential - even Abe Lincolnesque with his sideburns - looked great going to funerals,
and supposedly was a very good, innovative and forward thinking Minister for Education in his day.

…and another thing…can someone run out and buy Michael D. some new suits.

Sean Gallagher would’ve done it for half the price, I’m sure… :wink:

But for cash only