High Cross, Dublin 6


High Cross, 40 Temple Road, Dartry, Dublin 6.
House has been on the market for what looks like years now, its €5.75m now. Anyone have any inside intel on why it hasn’t sold? Is it just priced too high?
Also, is it not technically Rathmines and not Dartry.
Gorgeous south-facing garden too.


That’s quite the gaff.

Former poster on this site SoCoDu might know something about the house as he has/had a blog on Dublin’s finest homes.


Now sold for €5.75M. One of the finest houses in the City of Dublin with great amenities nearby.


Took a long time to sell because it was overpriced. In 2016 was asking €7.5M. , then the price dropped to €6.95M.


Thorndale, a somewhat smaller house in first-rate condition nearby sold last year for €5.6M. so this price seems about right.

On the other hand, who paid €5 M.for this on Oakley Road when they could have had a trophy like High Cross?



You’re 100% right on that Oakley Rd property - stupid money - it’s beside a pocket of roughness in Ranelagh…


Pocket of roughness in Ranelagh? Assuming you mean the housing estate on/off Oxford road, it is by no means a rough estate.

Just came home from my evening walk right by there, walked by Thorndale, (what else is there to do these days?) I have not once witnessed any antisocial behavior in the area.


See below - I lived in the area for years and can back this story up. For this kind of money, you could live in a trophy house on a trophy road.


Here’s the link to the article referred to above:



Yikes, very interesting! This does ring a bell now, I seem to remember something about planning for this halfway house, can’t remember if it was denied or what.


You are the about there being a council estate right beside Oxford road - I lived right around there for a while - never had any issues with the people living there. Mostly older people as I recall.