High Interest Deposit accounts

Can anyone give me a rough and ready guide to which banks are offering the best rates for lump deposits at the moment?

From a quick look into the rates offered, Rabo and Halifax appear to be offering more attractive rates than the major Irish banks.

Halifax’s terms are more restrictive though. Withdraw only twice a year etc.

Above €10k: Northern-Rock, 4.5%
Below €10k: Rabodirect, 5%

No restrictions on either and good online access


Just don’t start any great debates :unamused:

Just saw this post about Rabo -

““In response to your enquiry I can confirm that yes you can if you have a joint account, and your own seperate account, enjoy 4.75% on €20,000 across the two accounts. Indeed if you have a joint account and then both of you have a seperate account then you could earn interest 4.75% on €30,000 across the three accounts (€10,000 in each).””

That seems like a very good option.

Whats the catch?

So if you spread your cash around various accounts using your own name, your wifes name, kids names etc. you can get a nice return of about ~5% or you can risk it on property.

well, I asked my account manager about their high interest offerings and was told that I’d enough for the deposit on a BTL, and sure I’d be mad not to get into property. :unamused:
When I mentioned that I thought now was a bad time to get into property and that investors were selling up, the response was “Now’s a great time to buy! sure, there’s loads of choice on the market”