High level paedophile ring to be busted?


With regard to the entirely predictable and indeed predicted exposure of the late Jimmy Savile and certain accomplices as predatory child rapists, does the ring extend to more senior establishment figures?

independent.co.uk/news/uk/cr … 10431.html


The only person I know of in the British Media who actively highlighting and pointing out there was something huge and rotten along these lines for years was David Icke.

davidicke.com/headlines/7381 … my-savile-

I was well aware of the connections of Jimmy Saville and Jersey connection some tome back, well before this recent spate of “revelations”.


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Saville was a stomach-churningly revolting sleazeball.


I’m waiting for the anti-gold crowd to point out that Jimmy Saville wore a load of gold chains…
Desperate times n’ all that…


Anyone heard the Frankie Boyle joke about Saville and madeline Mcann?

Lovely to see the ‘right-on’ BBC squirming about their role as basically a facilitator for paedos.
Wonder how they’ll cover (up?) the next child abuse scandal in the Church?




was saville a paedo ?

most of the girls were about 15, also one of them had a 6 year relationship with him that ended when she was in her early 20s

its a bit of a joke for her to complain now IMO

there is no doubt that saville was a strange creapy man, but the whole thing is turning into a band wagon now



its a pity we don’t see jerry on TV more often


Asked and answered, I guess.


Aye - have you seen the pictures of how they were dressed when he visited them in hospital?

Asking for it they were!

Some of them did the coy “No, no, no” thing - but they knew that just made Jimmy even hornier - the little tramps.

They should consider themselves blessed to have been touched by his aged, leathery, withered, flaccid penis.

He was Jimmy Savile for fuck sake! JIMMY SAVILE! They don’t come any more holy than that!

No one can blame a man of his age and social standing from taking a young and innocent child and defiling them.

You’re right. This is all just typical bandwagoneering.

We should preserve his memory and not let these sluts defile it.


I think that’s very harsh. These girls were children and victims, it’s like saying that victims of the church here had no right to complain many years later, and a lot of them only did so when the true extent was revealed.

Much like the scandal here, many may have feared not being believed and were up against an absolute wall of silence, he was protected and revered, many adults didn’t speak out for fear of losing their jobs.


thats not what I said, and you know its not


Screw you, that’s a shocking attitude in this day and age. Because she was abused for 6 years she shouldn’t complain? GTFO.


Having spent last week in England, I was interested by the rather sanguine attitude of some members of the media and public alike.
Obviously the tabloids play the usual shock-horror game.
But I heard a commentator on BBC Radio 4 offering a shoulder-shrugging “times were different back then” analysis - to paraphrase he said that everyone had a local flasher in their community, there were uncles with wayward hands that you avoided and PE teachers who liked watching scantily clothed young boys doing pushups. A female listener texted in that everyone got groped in the 60s and 70s and that “we just got on with it and didn’t whine”

I don’t know how much of this is just old-fashioned British stiff upper lip attitude. It is notable however that people in the UK seem to be able to take on board that terrible things happen in life without feeling the need to indulge in the ritual self-flagellation that goes on in Ireland.


What were you saying then?


having consensual sex with a 15 year old girl does not make savile a paedophile

its statutory rape



Yes it does. Being a paedophile is not a crime. Acting on your attractions in an unlawful manner is.

It is that too, though that is an Irish definition, I believe. The reason it is statutory rape is that a 15 year old cannot give consent…


Yah very consenual sounding.

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Irvine Welsh’s short story Lorraine goes to Livingstone included a pretty thinly disguised parody of Jimmy Savile, except that the character used a hospital for necrophilia. I had seen another reference to Savile’s unorthodox tastes before that but assumed it was a joke.


I was aware also, from Stuart Syvret’s blog. By the way the first link you posted is a recent article from the BBC. The second, from the Mail, is contemporaneous with the HDLG scandal becoming public. The BBC deserve no credit in this. They are only reporting the story now that they’d look bloody ridiculous if they ignored it.