High level paedophile ring to be busted?


From Twitter:


dailymail.co.uk/news/article … tream.html


Anyone twigged a Dunblane connection yet?

(Not saying there is one or anything, but if there were…)


Posters on various conspiracy blogs have - but would have to say that my personal opinion about the Dunblane conspiracy theories is that they’re a crock. I haven’t seen anything that proves Hamilton was anything more than a lone psycho.

I’m pretty sceptical about the Hollie Grieg stuff also TBH.


I appreciate your support - however TheEmigrant does raise a legitimate point. I deleted the references to my views on politics.ie moderation policy in my previous post, on the grounds that the risk of starting a flame war between this site and another would ultimately only detract energy and attention from where it should be invested. It goes without saying that I am extremely annoyed at being banned from that site, but I’ll get over it.


Did Morrisey know something about a DJ from leeds? Who knows but the words and imagery “Panic on the Streets of London” eo are highly symbolic in light of recent events recent events, especially toward the end. :angry:

The sculptural embellishment over the BBC building by Eric Gill whihc many now find more disturbing.

More images here


Never judge a book by it’s cover?


From an Australian interview 2000


telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvan … 00000.html

Nice racket. Any chance someone could accuse me of being a paedo and then I can sue them for 500k?


Pretty much except it is Libel by inuendo and that must be a legal first no?

Did they?

From what I can tell and have read that no one outrightly mentioned his name on TV, it was a;; “senior tory peer”. There has been a load of bullshit and bluster and nothing else from what I can see. The waters have been steadily muddied since then.

The Saville story broke the establishment probably had tripple heart failure. Maybe it was broken specifically now. I don’t know. Can anyone remember what the trigger event or article was? (BBC doc?)

It seems to have been the most commonly know secret. No loss throwing a few dead men on the fire and that is what they have done with the head of the Beeb and another few obscure guys while not being officially inter-linked. Timing and context makes it all highly dubious.

I see all the patterns leading up to 2008 repeated in this ongoing saga.


The Sun are connecting dots and outing Common Purpose now!

thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/ne … Press.html


Sun, Sea & Satan


Out and down bunch of control freaks.

The sooner the lot of them are exposed the better.


CP is a money making racket that promises much to low to middle ranking non-influencers. I was invited to a meeting and I can assure you if I wanted something done, there were none I could/would call. I resisted the follow up opportunity to pay for a course. Totally fucking overrated.

Schools/clubs are a better investment :stuck_out_tongue:


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And that’s fair enough too.

My points are really:

  1. Don’t give the bastards an excuse to shut down the debate.
  2. Don’t alienate the ordinary by unnecessarily introducing the extraordinary.
  3. Have some idea what you’re talking about. Just because it is trending, doesn’t mean you have to ‘Me too’ it. That is, after all, what got us into the bubble - everyone else is saying it, so it must be true.


I totally agree with points 1 and 2. In general I agree with point 3, but I don’t think that was happening here, in this case.


Just finished hours of slogging through this thread, links and all.

Holy Eff.

Like most of us, I love a good conspiracy yarn, but Icke is usually a step too far.

There’s enough verifiable “real world” stuff, it seems, for a single overarching UK enquiry, without straying into hooded illuminati areas.

Investigate the “real world” stuff first.

Maybe we’d get a nationwide enquiry here too.


Yes and largely in agreement. If masonic corruption is a factor, it is more likely individuals within lodges protecting each other at a localised level. The organisation is relatively decentralised, as I understand it.

But the denial of Leah Goodman’s visa seems to suggest something more sinister:-

change.org/en-GB/petitions/u … freejersey


Right I removed pretty much all the recent discussion on the conflation of gay and age preferance. This is not acceptable discussion. Topic is unlocked.


dailymail.co.uk/news/article … olved.html

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