High level paedophile ring to be busted?


What was Peel’s favourite song again?


Just watching the stones on BBC4 tonight I was reminded me bill wyman and Mandy smith. She claims she was 14 when they first slept together. I remember there being much tuttuting at the time but the old bill never paid old bill a visit, did they?

Oh and woger, I know the answer to that one…it seems incredibly creepy now doesn’t it?


I hate myself for posting stuff from the dail mail

dailymail.co.uk/news/article … nster.html

I suppose the fact that they keep plugging at Lib Dem and Labour figures means there’s some Tory stuff on the way.


^ Indeed. Dacre is clever like that. Ye olde bait and switch technique. There’s a good reason he is equally feared and respected in the corridors.

Rumour has it Dacre has files of info all kinds of people, some at very top levels. Even if it isn’t true, the thought that it might be keeps 'em semi-clean.


In a somewhat similar vein.

telegraph.co.uk/culture/book … Sally.html

telegraph.co.uk/culture/book … arent.html


The above twitter account has been deleted.


Are you aware of the post history of the account?

Was it verified in any way?


Link to a news story about the death of the judge.

Very strange headline to describe someone as ‘drunken’ when they had just had two pints and a glass of wine over 5 hours. Very odd.

Edit No.1 :- Even stranger. The original Daily Mail headline…
Senior judge found dead in freezing village stream. -3rd February 2009
And after the inquest…
Drunken judge drowns in 4ins of water after slipping into stream walking home from the pub. - 15th May 2009

Edit No.2 :- And a similar line of odd reporting by the Daily Telegraph on this case was the subject to a complaint to the Press Ombudsman.


When I looked at it originally, it looked like exactly the kind of twitter account you’d expect a middle aged lady of the shires to have. Village fetes and stuff.


Those who are interested in just how establishment conspiracies and cover ups work should look no further than the Jeremy Thorpe case. Not only with the original Norman Scott murder conspiracy but in just how the court case was deflected and then how Thorpe was shuffled off the public stage. Its a well honed mechanism.


And if you want an idea of just how difficult it is disentangling fact from fiction from fantasy then there is no better subject than Harold Wilson.

This only begins to scratch the surface…


The original book on the subject, The Pencourt File, written by journalists who were being fed leaks by Wilson himself while he was prime minister is still the best place to start.

And the fact that Wilson succeed Hugh Gaitskell who died in very odd circumstances, officially lupus but persistent rumors that it was from a tropical disease only found in regions that Gaitskell had never visited, just adds to the whole hall of mirrors.


The same Jeremy Thorpre sitting uncomfrotably beside Sir Cyril who is the subject of most recent and expanded abuse claims.

Note the rotary club, a modern masons for all intense purposes.


Kathy Everard is now tweeting as Mad Abbess.

theneedleblog.wordpress.com/2012 … -murdered/


Note, you posted that on thepropertypin, a secretive organisation whose users hide behind anonymous user names… you might aswell call the Legion of Mary “a modern masons”.


This thread is about exposing paedophile rings. What are you doing to assist us?


Yogan come on you are missing the point and my analogy is correct and not intended to mislead.

These are but very organized entities and any are susceptible to harbor parasites and malignant forms that benefit by virtue of any entities own innate drive for self preservation, directly or indirectly inheriting a unmerited resilience. That is the point.

It is not a case of cause and effect. Once you have tribes within tribes (wheels within wheels) you increase the chance for mystery and subterfuge, obfuscation and all forms of subversions etc etc beyond immediate detection.



lyricsdepot.com/pet-shop-boy … cross.html



What I’d like to know is if someone can calculate the probabilistic odds that all challengers to the left of Bliar in the Labour Party, with the exception of Clare Short, died prematurely due to natural causes?


You’d have to factor in Scottish cholesterol levels from all that shortbread munching :slight_smile:


This isn’t a joke.