High level paedophile ring to be busted?


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I’m a Rotarian. It’s a rather dull organization, anxious to recruit members from all walks of life. I haven’t seen anything remotely secretive or sinister about it at all.

In Canada, at least, organizations of this type are dying. In my town, our Orange Lodge has about three members above ground. Ditto the Masons, Knights, Elks and Shriners. Nobody has time for such stuff anymore. Whatever about the past, the bad guys are now definitely elsewhere.


Gordon had no need to knock people off. He was too good at just crushing people. Also by this stage the party had been dismembered by internecine warfare and the rise of the SDP’s. Any party where someone like Tony Benn is taken seriously is obviously in dire straights. So unlike previous political generations there really was not any serious internal competition for Gordons sock puppet. And I thought Smith had a history of health issues. If I remember correctly his sudden death was a shock but not a total surprise.

Although with Gordon, I would not put it past him to have nobbled the meds. Easily the most unsuitable person to hold high office probably since Harcourt a century earlier. Which is sayings something, when you have total loons like Hore Belisha in the running.


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Interesting documentary here:


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Allegedly, the person referred to in the Daily Mail report above is a freemason.

Reportedly, this well known personality has a very long career as a singer and entertainer and is particularly associated with songs aimed at children.

This person was identified by a twitter account holder who is a former police man and now a prominent documentary producer. When asked for confirmation that they were certain of the name of this man, now in his 80s, who was reportedly held by prior arrangement for questioning by Berkshire police yesterday, the twitter account holder replied that they would not have tweeted unless so.


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This is like the McAlpine saga all over again. I mean how many singing Ozzies were big in the UK back then?


Jesus Christ. I would never in a million years have imagined that. It can’t be true…



As an aside, it seems obvious that the law will shortly change to allow media to republish the names of people being accused by others, so long as they reference the source. It’s a farcical situation when the Australian Daily Telegraph can’t say the guy’s name but can tell people which twitter account to read to get the name.

I think the McAlpine case will drag on for a long time - there’s bound to be more than a handful of the 5,000 re-tweeters of his name who will defend themselves in court. Either way, the media can’t continue operating in an information limbo where they can’t say someone’s name but can say how to access it.


Intuition is important.

I wouldn’t put it past these people to create false flag evidence against innocent parties.


Occam’s razor is more important.


From Twitter:



CPS statement in relation to Cyril Smith


Statement from Nazir Afzal, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West

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However what has this got to do with the thread other than appearing as more snide commentary. I’ve asked user to be keep it straight on this thread. I woudl find the comment otherwise ironic if I was sure you knew that there be a lot more to Kubrick than meets the eye.


Here is the full doc video.


There is also a pretty explicit legal threat early on, if I dont like what you put out, I’ll sue you. I’ve done it before. In a UK media context this is a very blatant threat. Both Saville and Theoroux (and Theoroux’s director) knew just how much the law was stacked in Savilles favour. The brilliance of Theoroux’s film is that he show just how bizarre and nasty Saville was (and basically that all the rumors going back many decades were true) without doing anything substantive that Saville could sue for. And without doing a stitch up job like “The Fishing Party”.