High level paedophile ring to be busted?


There are several moments in that film that for the attentive viewer ought to have raised alarm bells even at the time let alone in hindsight. It’s pretty clear Theroux was briefed or had heard of the rumours and as you say he and his director did a good job threading through the potential legal minefields.

There is an interesting bit where, at a ship opening or something of the like, John Prescott appears to blank Savile. Savile walks towards him expecting the usual “hail Johnny well met” type of repartee but Prescott pretends not to see him and immediately turns to his right and engages a middle aged woman standing nearby in loud conversation. Though originally from Wales, Prescott spent 40 years as MP for Hull, first being elected in 2010, so it would not be at all surprising if he had heard rumours from way back when. Actually it would be extremely surprising if he hadn’t, particularly if he is remotely close to the champion of the working class communities type that he presented himself as.

I can remember browsing a “tribute to Jimmy” thread on a Leeds United Football Club fan forum around the time of Savile’s death and it was fairly clear there was a divide between the old Leeds hands who were well aware of the rumours and the younger types, or those not from the area who just happened to be supporters of the football club, who hadn’t an iota Savile was anything other than an eccentric old gent who used to be a big DJ back in the day and that did a lot of stuff for charideee.


Explicit material passed for 5 years olds.

dailymail.co.uk/news/article … ssons.html


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The source (a Lyndon LaRouche magazine) may be suspect, but it would be interesting to find if for example the reference to the Insight Team expose checks out. Anyone have access to Sunday Times back issues?

Edit: Actually it’s mentioned in this Independent article from 1996.

independent.co.uk/news/world … 10556.html

Belgium connections covered also, but still one is left with the suspicion that there is more to be uncovered in that country (particularly bearing in mind the recent announcement that Dutroux’s ex-wife has been released from prison to live out the rest of her
days in a convent, which strikes me as remarkably convenient for some):

rte.ie/news/2012/0828/belgia … ppeal.html


I watched the interview. I think the most telling exchange occurs in the final few minutes. Louis had spent the previous 2/3 days dancing around the issue.

He ask why Jimmy had never been romantically linked with any girls/women.
Later he asks why Jimmy always lived with his mother and why she would never let him bring any women back. Jimmy said he had a secret caravan where he would bring girls to.

Jimmy keeping going on about getting brain damage from spending too much time with women.

When Jimmy has a fall on his morning run/walk, he rings the local press while in the hospital to make a story out of it, he spent the next morning harvesting sympathy from the papers.

But with time running out the following exchange happens, bear in mind this was around the year 2000


It is better that parents (and if not schools) teach the children these things explicity and using the right names. Children have a natural curiousity about these things and should be taught the facts not learn from rumours or TV. If children feel confident to talk about these things and can use the correct terms they are less likely to be abused. Abusers target children who are less confident and not likely to talk or be believed if they do.

They probably get a lot of the information from TV and media already, they notice a lot more than some people give them credit for.


That just seems so infallibly logical. So perfectly reasoned how could it fail!

[thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?p=655561#p655561]thread dedicated to this tagnet here](https://www.thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?p=655561#p655561]thread dedicated to this tagnet here))


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Right, I moved another bunch of posts.

A few things to both sides:

The most important aspect of this is the suffering endured by victims. This is very real. It is not diminished by the MSM meandering around this core fundamental.

A lot of shit being tweeted is not evidence and has no place here. To argue at this stage for eg that McAlpine somehow is taking advantage of the situation not on. News and reputations decay fast. People are entitled to the presumption of not being guilty before being tarred.

One man’s conspiracy is another’s nonsense. One could take the view that a web of the priviliged took it upon themselves to protect each other or one could take the view that things happened for other reasons - too difficult to prosecute etc. That’s an individual perspective and not for slagging.

So, can we please approach this with some seriousness that reflects the gravity of the events unfolding that will continue to do so.


It’s A Knockout TV presenter Stuart Hall, 82, arrested on suspicion of sex offences at his £1.5million home
Dont remember this chap

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Hall was a very big deal during the 70’s. Its a Knockout was one of the highest rated shows on the BBC during its high point in the mid 70’s. The other presenter, Eddie Waring, the rugby commentator, was a national institution with his very distinctive Yorkshire accent.

Hall always came over as a pretty affable guy in interviews. Not creepy like Saville. My guess is that there is probably alcohol abuse involved somewhere. He strikes me as the sort of guy who would be a functioning alcoholic.


That explains it we were lucky to have one channel in Cork in those days


Considering what the highest rating programs on Teilifís Éireann were back then, the Riordans, Halls Pictorial Weekly, etc. Its a Knockout was cosmopolitan high culture at its finest in comparison. Single channel land really was a different country back then.

The detail of what Stewart Hall did is here…


According to the Telegraph he raped several young girls in early 80’s.



Most are from Leeds environs so not surprising. What struck me is rather rum is the three DUP MP’s voting for it. There are only nine DUP MP’s so fully one third of them voted for the proposition - surely the highest proportion of any party. Apart from the three DUP MP’s Only one other MP representing a Northern Irish constituency supported the motion.(Note for the usual suspects, I am not alleging anything against any DUP MP, so leave it out). Of course Unionist/loyalist circles are riddled with Masonic type organisations.


Maybe back then but he’s 82 and hasn’t been in the public eye for quite some time.

What are the bets he’ll croak before any trial, or will suddenly “get ill”?


stuartsyvret.blogspot.ie/2009/09 … sting.html


Max Clifford arrested t.co/Sf5DLTzz


Following on from Louis Thoreaux’s Jimmy Savile doc, When Loius met Max is worth watching (without there being any implicaiton in relation to the current stuff).


dailymail.co.uk/news/article … ences.html


I don’t think the word has yet been formed to express the many ways in which this thing deserves his cummopence.

The word must contains lashings of Cosmic Irony, Karma, Destiny, Derision, Contempt but must of all Cummopence for a fowl individual.


Are you sure you’re not thinking of his cousin, Cliff Mallard?