High level paedophile ring to be busted?







On a small point, you gotta love the Daily Mail spin - instead of “Max Clifford arrested in Savile inquiry” they lead their headline with “Max Clifford pledges to cooperate with police”. The man has presumably been in police custody since his arrest and would have no time to talk to the media - so how can the Mail say that he is pledging to cooperate? If he told them before that he was pledging to cooperate then that is old news.



news.sky.com/story/1021888/max-c … lly-untrue


I watched this on the BBC news.
Every aspect of his exit was a study. He practically shuffles out of the station, he’s quiet whispering to avoid an appearance of arrogance, he pretends he’s had to write something but he starts speaking before unfolding the paper,… there’s no car waiting no pictures of him getting into a car. They always do that…why not here?


From 2009. Worth a read.



Absolutely. It’s dynamite.
What struck me was the defenders of Saville.
Also (on page 10) the Have I got News for you transcript…is that real? if so, why hasn’t it been released?

If the HIGNFY transcript is true then the BBC should really be shut down.

Edit- it is a hoax

Edit- another thing struck me…was this guy sterile? Lots of sex…no babies


I’m pretty sure it’s a clever fake. Paul Merton has indicated accordingly. Assuming it is a fake, though, it seems to have been put together by someone who was aware of the rumours about Savile and wished to get them into the public domain.


Agreed. A bit of clever googling would allow show where it was first posted.


scribd.com/doc/39284159/snuf … umo-affair

guardian.co.uk/media/2006/ma … ndthemedia



deliberation.info/max-cliffo … se-images/



Pedophilia is not illegal. Child sex abuse is. It can only be a good thing to develop an understanding of the attraction - in order to prevent more child sex abuse.



A very daring and potentially explosive post from TheSlog.

hat4uk.wordpress.com/2012/12/08/ … rrectness/


Thar be synthesis here, by design so.


Blog post about Donald Friend, an artist friend of Barry Humphries (of Dame Edna Everage fame), who engaged in “benevolent paedophilia.” The artistic community in Australia allegedly kept silent on the issue, essentially sanctioning it. Seems to be quite a few parallels with the Cathal O’Searcaigh case?

blog.donnawilliams.net/2011/06/1 … edophilia/




The comments through it all into question.


The photo of Tatchell is photoshopped. PIE don’t even exist anymore as an organised group. But to this day on his website, we find articles such as the following:

petertatchell.net/lgbt_right … friend.htm

It doesn’t seem to have occured to Tatchell that a 14 year old with a troubled history and brought up in carehomes might not be in a ideal position to adjudge what is truly in his best interests.