High level paedophile ring to be busted?



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I don’t understand if someone confessed to the killings why weren’t charges pressed?


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This leaked memo originally appeared in the Irish Times in June 1985, as part of a series of articles by Ed Moloney and Andy Pollak. The memo was allegedly written by Colin Wallace in November 1974.

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I’m afraid I can’t help you there. You will have to come to your own conclusions.

In doing so you may wish to consider, for example, the “Kerry babies” case, the Dalkey “House of Horrors” case, the Palmerston “satanic” child murder case from 1973 (the latter two of which were not reported on at the time of commission of the offenses by the Irish media.)

And the conclusions of reports such as the Ryan Commission report and the reports of predecessor commissions and tribunals.


At the risk of derailing this thread, that brief quote from the leaked NI memo pretty much sums up the reason that the majority of older people are anti-gay, and why to this day we are still dealing with the whole homosexual=paedophile meme.

There is no such thing as homosexual intercourse with minors - the same way as there is no such thing as heterosexual intercourse with minors. As recently as a few decades ago, when a man raped a young girl he was a pervert/deviant. But when a man raped a boy it was because he was homosexual, because everyone “knows” that all homosexuals are sexually attracted to minors.

Every reference to “homosexual” in that memo should have been replaced with “paedophile”. However, we can only give the authors the benefit of the doubt as the received wisdom was so strong and self-perpetuating. Worryingly, there is still a sizeable percentage of people who believe the same thing.

I’m not sure if this is off-topic or not. But I just wanted to make the “some of my best friends are gay rapists” crowd something to think about.


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As I keep saying - this thing has a scope.


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Ian Watkins, vocalist with the Lost Prophets, has been arrested and charged with:

  • 1 charge of conspiring to rape a one year old child :open_mouth:
  • 6 charges of sexual offences against two other young children
  • 4 charges of possessing and distributing images of child abuse

Reportedly more charges are going to be added once specialists have identified other children in the photos, some of which may have him in them.

Following a hearing at Cardiff Magistrate’s Court on the 19th December, bail was refused, which generally indicates the police have a strong case.

Also various gossip and rumour on various social media forums dating back two or three years, including a former girlfriend claiming to have reported Watkins to police in 2010 regarding images she found on his computer.

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Comedian Jim Davidson arrested by Jimmy Savile detectives on suspicion of sexual offences

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This thread is so fucking depressing.


The solution is, take action. Sign the petition I linked to above. Having a US journalist investigate all this properly will keep the presssure on.


Wasn’t Davidson speaking ouot about how he didn’t like Saville when the allegations came out against him?


Just as depressing is that most of the US coverage is by conspiracy sites and publications like infowars, the vehicle of arch basket case Alex Jones. Saville got a bit of press here but little else.


According to Guido Fawkes blog he posted on his blog in October.

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Can’t see it on his blog now…


Whats much more interesting is the circumspect way the papers are circling the whole Rolf Harris story at the moment. This usually means there is a bigger story in there, and that it is materially different from the others.


Once you dig through the usually conspiracy mudslinging the story of some pols over the last 50 years makes for grim reading. I can see now where Camerons “witch hunt against gays” statement came from. Reading through some of the more plausible charges against some of the great and good recently for the first time in my life I thought that maybe Mary Whitehouse had been onto something regarding a conspiracy of perverts…The whole thing is starting to sound like a pink hued cross between House of Cards and the Thick of It.

Whats making some of the more lurid claims against recent senior politicians sound plausible was the utterly squalid way the attempted suicide by Blairs daughter was handled at the time, an indication of just how morally depraved these people had become.


Never heard about this, any reliable sources?