High level paedophile ring to be busted?


Of course not. You wont find anything in the MSM because they did not cover the story except in the most elliptical fashion. Although some serious Goggle digging may turn up something. The coverup at the time was even better than a D Notice. The 'pins very own gavin (a journalist) was one of the many bloggers who covered the story at the time…


It was reported by the media at the time as a serious family crisis involving one of the children. So the press coverage at the time seemed perfectly reasonable at first. Family privacy and all that. initially I thought it was the son, who had prior form, but by connecting the dots in the blogs and columnists it soon became obvious that it was the daughter, that it had been due to vicious bullying at school, and that it had not come out of the blue. Adding this to the rest of the back story that went back to the late 90’s and it became obvious Blair and especially Cheri put holding onto power as more important than the well-being of his family. The counter story that Blair was just Brown blocking had some validity, holding back the day when Brown ( who everyone in the inner circles knew was utterly unfit for high office) took over. But when you added the devastating effect of Blairs political career on his family on top of his serious health problems, far more serious than either Edens or Macmillans resignation illnesses, and you have a tale of pure power lust.

No matter how you look at it Blair was just as politically squalid as Chamberlain but with none of Chamberlains redeeming political motivations. By the later stages of Blairs government you could tell what their next policy direction would be by reading todays headlines of the Daily Mail. Even Baldwin never sank that low.


I hope you don’t have any children, especially a girl.

You know nothing about the reasons that the poor girl attempted suicide (being ridiculed for her weight by the Daily Mail might have had something to do with it though). Claiming that Blair put his career before his family is balderdash of the worst kind. A pretentious sociopath who thinks he’s in the know, does it get any worse?

My OH’s sister tried to overdose on pills around that age too. Are you going to tell me the reasons why?


The story that Blair’s daughter may have attempted suicide as a teenager, if true, is not newsworthy and if the MSM choose to ignore it, they acted correctly, in my view.


the man is in politics, its very rare for good people to reach the top of that game

judge blair by what he does/did not what he says or said

blair was very good at PR and spin but is a total scumbag like most in politics


Everyone sacrifices family life for high office. Implying that he was complicit in his daughter’s attempted suicide is another thing.

Quite fitting that the only blogs referencing this are the anti-McCann CT paranoid pondlife. The dregs of the Internet.

It takes a special kind of weirdo to demonstrate bravado by claiming to have the inside scoop on a 16 year olds attempted overdose.


I completely agree with you. Its just that the way Blair dealt with the situation told me a lot about the man. Other senior politicians have been in the same situation in the past and they tended to put family above public career. This is the usual reason why very capably people refuse to go beyond the junior minister level or decide to move to the main committees. Before the 1980’s families were usually off limits but now its anything goes. Everyone in the media knew exactly what was going on in Blairs family and it just added to the depth of contempt that was directed toward him. You really did not think the animus directed towards him was just over the Iraq war? Most of those in the media could not have given a toss one way or another on that particular subject.

Add to that the public interest register and the near impossibility of businessmen or other professionals to have a public service career and you end up with the current situation where only professional career politicians, slimeballs and sociopaths become senior politicians. And from this fetid pool you get the cabals that allows the cover ups and perversions of justice that are so amply documented in the rest of the thread.


The allegations against Davidson are being made by women who were in their mid-twenties at the time of the alleged incidents.


If a grown man came near my 15 year old child I’d break his legs, his arms, his face, cut off his testicles and burn him alive - in that order. Its pretty clear why you have libertartian leanings now, you sick depraved dirty fuck.


Thank you. Thanks for going to the trouble of saying that. I often felt uncomfortable on this forum, like I just didn’t get it, the pinster mentality. I needed to read this and john galts post to confiem there is something fucked up, pathologically wrong with many of the posters on this site. This place is full of sick bitter twisted cunts. Mods, please delete my account. This is a place where you cam promote paedophilia and not get banned but a harmless fucker like landlord gets banned for going against the consensus view. Fuck you, you sick twisted property obsessed FF/FG votinf creeps.



I think you miss the point I’m making, I never said its ok for a grown man to sleep with a 15 year old

just said it does not make him a paedo, thats all


Very few of Savile’s alleged victims were under 13. So, it seems that, technically, Savile was a predatory ebebepohile rather than a paedophile, strictly speaking. I don’t think anyone here is arguing a relationship between a 15 year old and a 40 year old is hunky dory, even if consensual.


I still think it’s a bit unfair for Jim Davidson to be tarred with the same brush… i.e. referred to in a thread titled “High level paedophile ring to be busted”.

If it turns out he has done something heinous to these 20-somethings, then maybe that deserves it’s own thread.

I think paedophile vs non-paedophile in the case of Jimmy Savile is splitting hairs when you’re talking about 13 year olds.


What what wrong with Blairs health? Bit of heart trouble I thought?

I think epheobphilia discussions whether consensual by Norris and his ilk or otherwise are a shabby topic of conversation that should not be explored.


Well documented that jimmy page (from led zep) had a 14 year old ‘girlfriend’ in the 1970s. Haven’t heard a peep about him (yet).


As did Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones. Her name was Mandy Smith and she is eminently Googleable.



blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/timst … edophilia/


That Henley article is just terrible stuff. It is not even worth examining line by line.
The Guardian is so wrong, Quoting research about how some victims found it a positive experience. My God. And then his twitter account is all about how reporting something is not the same advocating something.

What an Arse.


If you’re reading this Nigel (and I’ve no doubt you are, self-righteous door-slammers rarely fail to return to the scene of the crime)* then thank you for proving my point in your own eloquent, if slightly deranged style.
What I tried to say was that the British, for all their faults - and I am as critical as anyone - seem to be able to deal with this stuff in a more objective and detached way than is the case in Ireland. One can think of many epsiodes of injustice - Birmingham Six, Guildford Four, Bloody Sunday, Hillsborough - they are painfully slow to react and the road to the truth takes many turns, but they seem to to get there in the end. They accept the fact that horrible things happen in life and need to be exposed without getting into the kind of hysterical free for all that is so often the case in Ireland, with people screaming about priests and the GAA and Fianna Fáil and whether we’re fit to govern ourselves- generating more heat than light and ultimately delaying the process of justice. Your own post is a fine example: I quoted some things I had heard on BBC Radio 4, and mentioned that there was no outcry about them in England, yet you have somehow managed to take my post and turn it into a promotion of paedophilia - and then you call others “twisted”.

Oh and by the way, well done for digging back 30 pages and three months to pick on someone who:
a) almost never ever makes any comment on property prices whatsoever and never reads WIW threads
b) does not live anywhere near SCD, nor has any plans to move there
b) has never voted FG or FF

It’s a fine big blunderbuss you’re carrying and no doubt.

  • I see on your profile that your last visit to the site was Friday night - 24 hours after telling the world how uncomfortable this place makes you and instructing the mods to delete your account. QED.


Jimmy Savile abused children as young as eight, say police

This makes him, amongst other things, a peado.


I reckon that the investigation into Jimmy Savile was instigated by News Corps as a way of hitting back at the BBC after News Corp was investigated for phone hacking.

Murdock has been at war with the BBC for decades. Getting an investigation opened into one of their presenters was his latest attack on them.

Looks like Murdock has landed his punch.