High level paedophile ring to be busted?


don’t think so

if savile died 5 years ago it would have been the same, people knew about him for years


^^^ in the vid, kissing the skull. there are necrophiliac rumours about Savile.

Savile was invited to 10 Downing St. over the Christmas period for dinner and was friendly with Prince Charles.
one can safely assume that Sky News wont be doing any reporting/muckraking except when it comes to 1970s/1980s TV presenters.


According to Guido fawkes Cameron and Rebekkah Brooks had a heated conversation at a party shortly before Christmas. Wonder what it was about.


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@Lloyd_Rees Savile became famous - precisely because he was a child-abuser. They have that “dirt” on each-other - and use it accordingly.



en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panic_%28T … hs_song%29


One of the critical sentences from the NSPCC/MET report:

"There is no clear evidence of Savile operating within a paedophile ring although whether he was part of an informal network is part of the continuing investigation and it’s not therefore appropriate to comment further on this."

content.met.police.uk/cs/Satelli … inary=true


I guess they are distinguishing between Savile’s informal arrangements and those of ‘organized’ rings that publicize their calendar of events on their website and hold charity balls.


^What I inferred from the policeman responsible on the news last night was while there was no clear evidence of a ‘ring’ they were continuing to investigate whether his being a member of certain organisations afforded him undue influence on other members in ‘turning a blind eye’

Re the smiths, the Steve wright story might have certain credence but the lines quoted earlier do seem particularly pointed towards saville…with the benefit of hindsight


Rumours about Savile were rife in northern England for decades. So I don’t find it remotely implausible that Morrissey had heard the rumours and that those lyrics do indeed reference Savile. Songs can be about more than one thing. Indeed most of the best songs are subject to multitple interpretations, none of which is necessarily ‘wrong’ or ‘right’.


It’s a interestingly phrased wording. If you parse it carefully, they are not ruling out that he may have been part of some kind of ring.




Plausible deniability, the wording suggests that they know enough to know that they should deny an organized conspiracy. To me it raises more questions than it answers.


The Sunday Express 13/1/2013 front page:

twitter.com/SkyNews/status/29021 … 36/photo/1


I would have a slghtly more optimistic take on this. As i see it, they are leaving the door open. They are basically inviting the public to demand further investigations.






The front page of tomorrows Express "Saville was part of Satanic Ring

twitter.com/SkyNews/status/2902 … 36/photo/1


Heard a clip of this earlier this week about an interview with Jimmy SAville by Anthony Clare (physcologist)
Very disturbing that no one changed him in 50 years.

channel4.com/news/how-jimmy- … ists-chair


docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=ca … ltwI3aWBzw

mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ji … no-1533166


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