High level paedophile ring to be busted?


From Wikileaks, a provocative account from an insider with a claimed “10 years inside the international child pornography industry” - interesting on the tech side, though the source is obviously deeply compromised (safe to read though, nothing dodgy):

wikileaks.org/wiki/An_insigh … n_measures



Interesting read. If the industry is so small though, one wonders how it is worthwhile going to all that tech trouble. It sounds very expensive.


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From Mary Moss’s files:

How fascinating. Maybe explains why the West Brit fraternity on politics.ie were so concerned about damping down the scandal.


It is over-used in some quarters. However in this context I believe it is appropriate.
There was and probably still is a coterie of anti-Irish posters who were very keen to damp down any speculation on that forum regarding allegations of a child abuse ring involving the British establishment.

initially, they simply denied the allegations about Savile. Eventually they were forced to admit that he was an abuser but changed their tactics to rubbishing any posters providing links indicative of a wider conspiracy as demented conspiracy theorists and/or Provos.



Moss document.


This David Icke stuff just makes it all out to be a conspiracy theory proposed by nutters. This fool is proposing that Sandy hook was organised by the ‘Germans’ and carried out by Mexicans, and boys from the Jersey home were murdered on Edward Heaths boat, by Saville!. Idiot.


Anyone with an active account on politics.ie please PM me. Thanks.


No rush or anything.


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It’s ok someone PM’d me.


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A few minutes ago I was posting about Fireman Sam some of the kids this “man” is accusedof abusing would have been of an age to watch that show. What a horrible world it is sometimes

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A Message from Leah McGrath Goodman:

At last, I have received my UK visa – a visa that will last me two full years!

And you, my wonderful friends, are the reason for this amazing victory.

I want to confide that at the final moment, the visa was held up by the UK Border Agency in New York, but Member of Parliament for Birmingham Yardley John Hemming put in a parliamentary question to Immigration Minister Damian Green about the delay and, presto, my visa arrived a few days later. (The magic of ministerial questioning.)

I also want to acknowledge the efforts of Jersey Immigration, which did a fantastic job of working with us once we were all able to fully communicate. (One of them actually contacted us late on a Sunday night to make sure all was in order.) In the final analysis, they had to overcome a struggle too.

I will be writing much more in the days to come, but for now I just want to say I am so grateful.

Let’s show the world that the power of numbers (with a little help from social media) can bring justice to those in need. This is a new era and the Internet can accomplish much – especially for those on a small island.

As I continue my work, I will be writing about what I find in my travels at leahmcgrathgoodman.com. Hope to see you there.

While you’re at it, please also check out the blog of Trevor Pitman, the courageous man who launched this petition and a member of Jersey’s Parliament. He can be found at: thebaldtruthjersey.blogspot.com

We’re also on Twitter guys! But we don’t want to deluge you.

Next month, Jersey legislators will be voting on whether a Committee of Inquiry will be allowed to do a comprehensive vetting of the island’s handling of its decades of child abuse. Will the committee be permitted to do a real investigation? This is an important time for eyes to remain on the island.

This is only the beginning, so please keep in touch. Remember, without your witnessing these events as they unfolded – and, now, as they continue to unfold – little would have changed. A thousand thanks to you.

We did it – !

Leah McGrath Goodman

P.S. Your excellent notes of support have been passed on to the victims’ advocacy group in Jersey, so those who still suffer every day know that people care for them. Because of your comments, they will not feel so alone.


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Ah yes the initiation ritual… it’s amazing the level of exposure Masonry has been enjoying over the last 10/15 years.

(Pink is the one of the left during an MTV Awards interlude/ceremony)


Are you absolutely sure she is the one on the left?