High level paedophile ring to be busted?


I think that’s a bit of a stretch TBH.


Not really, it’s just attention seeking. It’s hilarious how some conspiracy theorists claim Rhianna and Lady GaGa’s pathetic attempts at being edgy as proof of the illuminati.


Lady Gaga is I suspect considerably smarter than both you and the conspiracy theorists assume.

But of no relevance to this thread either way.


:smiley: I was more trying to draw attention to the fact it was in the context of an MTV VMA set piece. That particular VMA (2009) was full of symbolic stuff invovling all the usual suspects at this point.

More here … vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusines … ga-ritual/

What yis all won’t allow yourselves to understand (granted it takes some time and looking) is there is a fairly ongoing global indoctrination of the masses using wide a spectrum means to introduce esoteric/mystery religion stuff into the collective subconscious; I believe by putting it out in the open fir all to see but in a manner that the conscious mind bypasses. A regular contributor in another thread did not really estimate at the power of symbols to be of any means of worth.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you an example of one of the more powerful symbols of recent times.


Can you see it? :nin

Google “Alice Bailey Lucius Trust” and take it from there. I shall digress the thread no further.


OW, what is your theory on why they are doing this?


No grand conspiracy IMO.

If Jung was even half right, the human psyche is by nature “religious”. The advertising industry and indeed politics cleverly uses this insight to market products, ideas, etc.



But I agree that most are not conscious of the above and how they are manipulated.


If Jung was right (and I believe he was) then we are most likely unaware as to the vast potential of what lies within our own brains…

If others were/are aware of how the collective conscious works (and I believe some to be) then they would be in an extremely powerful position vis a vis the majority of their fellow human beings…

Advertising/PR as per Adam Curtis’ series above is based on the knowledge that human beings are, in truth, not rational entities (as we would understand the term 'rational ’ in the conscious sense)…despite much of our modern-day culture claiming otherwise…




Someone on a blog I read regularly said “the human brain isn’t built for rationality but for rationalisation”.


I’m starting to think that the expression ‘voodoo economics’ (originally coined by George H.W. Bush as a description of Reaganite supply side economic theory when running against the latter in the 1980 Republican Presidential nominations) is basically a misnomer. All economics is voodoo!

In so far as government policy is informed by economists and their theories, governments would probably be as well taking a sprinkle of one theory, a dash of another, then throwing on some magic dust and hope for the best.


Well well well… maybe it’s not just the Catholics after al…

independent.co.uk/news/uk/ho … 71779.html


Connecting the dots, how far will you draw the lines, what is the picutre it creates?

l secular religions function in a classical diversionary manner… same rules creating the same patterns as in the masons, governments, terrorist, intelligence agencies the list goes on and on of those always working outside of humanities better interests by assuming an impossible bubble-ite formation.

See it’s tendrils sprawl and curl around humanities neck. :frowning:

You must ask yourself is there a common source and if so then what is left after that if that source turns out to be no good in the end since appears to expressive itself thus.

Many wish to run away from this question as the answer is often uncomfortable.

I digress or do I.


I think the common source is in human nature, not conspiracy – if you give ordinary people extraordinary power and virtual immunity from scrutiny, purely by virtue of a job, this job will attract people who wish to abuse it. So it should not be surprising that other major religions or powerful organisation suffer from the same rot.

Edit: of course conspiracies then develop too, but in my opinion they follow from having lots of abusers in the same organisation.





dailymail.co.uk/news/article … z2JscpOKOo


why would the wife of the (Tory) Speaker of the House of Commons write that in the first place. :angry:

not sure this thread should go into, The West Brits :laughing: , should be delighted that thar is trouble in the ranks of the British establishment given that there are opportunities to rise up the ranks.







ricosorda.blogspot.ie/2012/09/jo … se-of.html


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