High level paedophile ring to be busted?




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J Ward names names including a Sinn Feiner (!?!?!?)


That report from HMIC is like reading the Ryan Report.

hmic.gov.uk/media/review-int … savile.pdf


Ward says his sources are various foreign language blogs - mainly French ones - implying that he had to translate the information back into English.

He could have spared himself the bother - the Mary Moss documents were transcribed by contributors to the (entirely English) David Icke forum months ago.


Seems to be a false lead. Allegedly this MP had a drink problem which he kept carefully hidden from constituents.




Cameron yesterday gave way to those that wish to corral the media and abolish freedom of expression in the UK.

Here is the start of the kick-back of the free press.





From 1978


…Although not addressed in this report, it should be noted that the latest phase of the cover-up is being carried out with the de facto connivance of An Garda Síochána, the police force of the Republic of Ireland. It has declined to release crucial logs of visitors and cars to Mountbatten’s castle in County Sligo in the Republic. They could help establish that Mountbatten abused boys at it. An Garda Síochána is currently commanded by Drew Harris, a former RUC Special Branch officer. While he was in the RUC and PSNI, Harris was responsible for the suppression of incendiary files about British State collusion with Loyalist terrorists such as McKeaguue…

Archived link: http://archive.is/aVcHy