Highfield, Swords

What are these 4 bed detached houses worth in Swords? There are at least 5 of these house types for sale in this estate ranging in price from 540K to 650K… anyone know why there are so many for sale - the area looks good but i wonder is there an underlying reason why there are so many houses for sale here at present?

myhome.ie/residential/search … NPUN393653

  1. They face out onto the Jacko, underage drinking haven & scene of numerous sexual assualts over the years.
  2. Highfields is a shortcut to Swords for anyone living in Rivervalley, heavy volume of people walking through the estate.
  3. For that money you could probably live somewhere nicer.

I think Swords will suffer in the same way places like Lucan will. Huge numbers of houses built, a lot of investment properties and Swords has been hit badly with job losses. I would hate to live there.


Where would you suggest? I’m really struggling with a better location in the Swords area, for a family house asking 500K that isn’t built poorly.

Ivor Lot

Where would you suggest living north of the liffey?

In Swords,

Daleview, Elmwood, Pinegrove, Castlefarm and St. Andrews Park would be some of the nicer estates. Possibly broadmeadows.

I think you should be looking at houses asking 600-700k and offering 500k (and no more!!)

I believe alot of these houses have a bit of a buffer built into the asking price. EA’s are expecting lower offers.

Malahide and Portmarnock should be with-in your price range also.

Use irishpropertywatch & treesdontgrowtothesky to get the background on any places you are thinking of putting in an offer on.

for such and for where i would pay 205k no more no less