Hillside, Westminster Road, Foxrock (-4.65m, -70%)

Sold for 6.6m in 2006 (AMV was 4.5m. Sure, weren’t the boom years great altogether!)
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Involved in court case
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Just dropped 2.5m → 2.25m
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Hillside, Westminster Road, Foxrock, Dublin 18
€2,500,000 - 5 Bed Detached House 348.01 m² / 3746 ft² For Sale + Coach House (0.9 acre)

Irish Times

Great road (#2 in Foxrock after Kerrymount), but right on the dual carriageway unfortunately.

Problem is that this house needs +1m for full modern living

With 2.m asking, that would come to 3.5m ??

Now 1.95m

Much more reasonable asking and the 1m renovation would create a 5,000 sq ft “tiger home” for just below 3m.

It would be poorer value vs. the 7,000 sq ft brand new “tiger home” in Windermere (just sold for 3m on half acre) few doors down.

Windermere is on half the site size, but is not on the dual carriageway (quid-pro-quo).

However, the larger size of Windermere’s 2016 sale for 3m, means Hillside might still have a discount to go. Just shows (per and earlier thread of mine, see link below) that Dublin high-end housing, is not much further developed from its initial bounce in mid 2013 (even in D4). If Hillside goes for much below the asking, then that would probably be more like 2012 pricing (imho).

See following link for analysis of high-end Dublin prices from 2012-2015:

Don’t tell that to Patina, whose 20-year old 4,000 sq ft mock-period house on 0.5 acre on Mart Lane, is looking for 3m ?

just gone sale agreed.

foxrock EAs will be watching this one.

after Windermere going for only 3m (2013 pricing), if Hillside goes for much less than the 2m revised asking, that would be probably back to 2012 pricing
(i.e. little uplift in prices in high-end Foxrock post GFC).

outside of development companies buying large old and/or derelict Foxrock houses as sites for up to 3m an acre, for multi-family housing (careful with planing here on the listed period ones), pricing in higher-end Foxrock seems to have made little headway since mid 2013. See discussion on Mandeville. thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?p=870137#p870137. If a multi-unit developer does not buy, then 2m per acre is the ceiling for pricing in Foxrock for private homes (and that is the best roads).

similar situation in Killiney and Dalkey, except that for sea-view sites, the pricing can get to 2.5-3m per acre.
see discussion re Killiney House for more: thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?p=871047#p871047

actually, i would be surprised if a development company is not buying Hillside in Foxrock (per original 2006 buyer) ? although, the original buyer never seemed to even try to get multi-family planning on this site, which I think was their original intention ? which i think, regardless of their situation, would have been a no-brainer, and might have enhanced the site value ?

I do like the style of this house very much.

It feels very grand from the pictures.

Could do with some modernization but the location has a lot going for it.

Priced too high I believe.

Looks like it went Sale Un-Agreed ?

Back on at 1.95m with Lisney

Sold for €1.8 million. Very big reduction on the €6.6m paid by the owners, considering how hot the market is these days - good buy IMO if the N11 background noise doesn’t bother you much.