His name was Seth Rich, aka Russia?


The whole Russian thing appears to be made up nonsense but I still dont see how anyone can claim that millions of illegals voted without hard evidence to prove it


Because it’s the only way to make Trump’s delusion that he won the popular vote work, I suspect. Also, provides an excuse for a Republican-controlled body to get lots of voter data (or maybe not, as the states are mostly, sensibly, not turning it over), which can always come in useful.


Greatly exaggerated, most likely, but not made up.


His name was Seth Rich.




He was a DNC staffer who allegedly was behind the Wikileaks DNC email dump. He was shot and killed while walking home from a Washington bar in July 2016. Investigators claimed it was an armed robbery but no personal belongings were taken (phone, wallet etc).


Thanks. I’ll see what I can find on info wars.


You just did


It’s not somewhere I visit for news but right now I’d consider it a more reliable source of news than CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post etc. :laughing:


I went looking for the primary source of the Seth Rich is DNC leaker and all the bloggers pointed to FOX news. However the article has been taken down the following statement put up in its place.


More background here.


Comes across as the straightforward story of fired cop trying to make a buck as a security consultant/commentator and making up sensationalist claims is his shtick. But the tinfoil hat brigade will take his retractions as somehow being proof he has been got at and silenced for telling the truth. Ho hum…



Unfortunately it’s not a joke. CNN etc are deeply corrupt, biased and untrustworthy.


And Infowars is unbiased and trustworthy?


thefreethoughtproject.com/donna- … ch-murder/


I’ve not spent much time outside of the NZ thread the last few years, so when exactly did the Pin get colonised by a horde of deranged alt-reality Trumpettes?


So anyone who refuses to blindly swallow the mainstream narrative is a “deranged alt-reality Trumpette”? :unamused:

Have you ever considered the possibility that CNN, BBC, RTE etc are not telling you the truth??? Do you actually have any idea what’s going on in the world right now?


:smiley: :nin


Paid Russian trolls perhaps? Shouting down any sensible debate on any forum?

I only know of one person in real life who holds these type of deranged views in Ireland. He favours Brexit, and reads Breitbart.


Some people are just too far gone. Paid Russian troll? We’re entering new realms of ridiculousness now. :laughing:

And I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a “Trumpette”.