His name was Seth Rich, aka Russia?


I don’t get it. PtG started this thread. You think he’s a Trumpette ?



If the Pin is now full of deranged alt-reality far-right Russian trolls, then I’m out. kthxbye




I think the adage “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts” applies here. While I wouldn’t agree that either far-right contributors or Russian trolls are present on here there is definitely an increased prevalence of contributions that echo alt-right talking points, and whose advocates do not seem able or willing to formulate constructive arguments, but instead resort to posting memes and dubious YouTube videos. Having contributors who are unwilling to engage when presented with facts that contradict their positions, and who instead choose to respond by posting links to alt-right videos and announcing they are dropping “truth bombs” like some messianic cult follower who has seen the light which the rest of us are still blind to, definitely has a negative impact on the utility of the Pin as a place for reasoned discussion.


I know quite a few but they are mostly outside Ireland. A common denominator seems to be a general dissatisfaction with key aspects of their lives and that generally overlaps with why they moved out of the country.

His is the first post but I don’t think he started the thread. It was split off from another thread by an Admin and the conspiracy theoryish thread title was added at that point.


Can we have a alt right spinoff/derailment thread


The “alt-right” is here is to stay in fact is inevitable.

I predicted this back in 2014 on here, so get used to it.

Luttwak is even more prescient in the mid 90s!

fabiusmaximus.com/2016/03/11/ed … ism-94934/


Lots of things are “here to stay”. You only need 1% support for that. But will there ever be another Trump ? The demographics make this the last time a white man of such low empathy levels and general ignorance could get elected. And I actually like his refusal to be empathetic.


The situation isn’t rapidly changing any more than it ever was. The MSM focus on the alt-right is part of their desperate grasping to put some ideological scaffolding on the Trump win. The MSM and Democrats are in shock that they’ve been disagreed with. But they’re immensely fortunate… Because There’s a vain buffoon in power as their opponent. Another vain buffoon will not get elected in 10 years time, whatever else happens


Think I’m with Sidewinder on this one…

The Alt-right is nothing more than a bunch of entitled, insecure white guys clinging on to the belief that their whiteness and maleness makes them somewhat superior to those who aren’t. It’s total and utter bollocks, and little different from the supposed superiority expressed by the Southerners during the American civil war, Loyalists in Northern Ireland, Whites in South Africa, and Men in Saudi Arabia. ‘Strong historical grounds’ is nothing more than saying that White Male supremacy existed before, and will continue to exist on that basis.

Trump’s win was a shock, and he won against an unpopular opponent by pitching himself as one who would ‘drain the swamp’. Yet his approval ratings, and the results of elections in Virginia indicate that many of these voters now have buyers remorse and are turning against him. He’s clearly unfit for the job, and many Republicans have broken ranks with him at this point, and he has achieved very little of his proposed legislative agenda because he hasn’t a clue how to compromise or unite people.

Grow up lads FFS. The Alt right are simply helping the Agenda of Putin and other unstable despots who wish to hold power at home by disrupting it abroad.


Fully agree.


True, but there is far more going on than that, even if you can’t see it or don’t want to see it

I expect politics to be very different in the years ahead, its harder than ever to predict what might happen


The world is a smaller place because of better communication, better transport links, and higher education. Growing up in rural Ireland three decades ago, people from England were considered exotic. Nowadays I work in an office filled with people from Western and Eastern Europe, North America, The Far East and the Middle East. It broadens my mind in a way that my parents generation would not have experienced. Either you embrace the fact that people have been raised with a different culture and customs to you, or you retreat to the past.

It may have been a factor, Trump’s unpopularity was also a factor, and in all likelihood, a bigger one…


I think I see the problem here. It’s the Internet. And Confirmation Bias. Finding YouTube videos and Wordpress blogs which outline non normal views is grossly insufficient to support the non-sequiturs you’re making. The Internet has enabled this plurality of content to be generated but just because it exists doesn’t mean it’s persuasive.

Hispanics and black action groups in America who actually matter don’t regard white people as “useful idiots”. They’re not like Soviets in the 20s. Any that are don’t matter, they’re tiny. The Internet will enable you to find some who do, but so what. Minorities like the whole notion of White Guilt because it assists them. They don’t want to start physically punishing white people.

A white person in Virginia who wants Trump out is not a “useful idiot”. He’s someone who correctly recognises that the country is being led by an ignorant buffoon. There was certainly a place for a leader to shout stop on peasant immigration and making policy decisions based on empathy rather than rationality, But Trump is a buffoon with no self awareness - that’s the big hairy gorilla in all this. You can’t escape it.


The glue is woolly leftyist rhetoric and money from wealthy socially liberal donors

If you say that “it’s not about physically punishing whites now” can you refrain from referring to or linking to the publicity of any tiny corners of the internet that want to “eliminate whites now” ?

Trump is in no way irrelevant to the long term process. Consider him a bit in your exposition of what’s going on now: the first and possibly last appointed leader tasked to reverse Leftism is an ignorant, un-self aware, buffoon.


References like that are a big step beyond hyperbole. But again why link to another video from a corner of the Internet . Why would anyone watch it unless it represents the position of a significant player ?

What constitutes ‘covert race baiting against whites’ anyway ? Do you mean guilting and shaming about actions of white people? Why are some white people so sensitive about people trying to do that. Are they so fragile.


How many completely outrageous campaign ads have there been been since 1950 ? Loads. Finding one you find outrageous is a Confirmation Bias,

Meaning ‘both our groups have no power and wealth. White people have had power and wealth here for 450 years. White people caused us to have no power and wealth. They’re to blame’
Why are the Alt-right so triggered by shame and guilt ?
If you look at it from a black perspective

  • White people HAVE had power and wealth for 450 years
  • black people were slaves of white people.
  • there were serious knock on effects for at least 100 years after slavery. Where they lived, what they worked at, what were the customs of a group of people who have been told for 200 years ‘you are a worthless slave’
  • there’s a pile of scientific studies showing that fear of black people is a real thing
  • even after WW2 black people were less likely to get benefits of GI bill so didn’t benefit from the post WW2 boom as much as white people
  • there were unintended consequences from the ending of segregated schools like a reduction in the employment of black teachers i.e. Role models

If a section of black people in America spend their time complaining and blaming rather than making money is that really so hard to understand ? Don’t they have some strong points ?


I don’t think they are, thats the difference

There are problems with some of your other points but I doubt you’re willing to stray to far from the narrative, so maybe its best that I leave it alone


Or perhaps you’re so captured by alt-right mythology that it’s pointless to argue with you. I don’t often agree with Blamegame, but on this, I find it hard to refudiate.


Whats the mythology ?

All I said was the Alt-right don’t seem to be triggered by guilt or shame

If I was going to address some of his other points there are plenty of hard facts that paint a slightly different picture