His name was Seth Rich, aka Russia?


Most are just getting on with living life, making money, benefitting from whatever preferential treatment they can. A section of them shame and blame - But do they have “some strong points” ? Is repeatedly mentioning the after effects of slavery really “race baiting” ?

But you know, Chinese Americans etc, they’re not really complaining. And Japanese Americans who bring up WW2 internment, it’s not really “race baiting”. Or do you actually think it is ?


Good, we’re all agreed

  • persistently mentioning slavery and various after effects is not “race baiting against whites”
  • persistently mentioning black prisoner numbers in jail in the US is not “race baiting against blacks”
  • persistently mentioning japanese-American internment is not “race baiting against whites”
  • persistently mentioning WW2 concentration camps is not “race baiting against Germans”
  • persistently mentioning mass Soviet rape in The Battle for Berlin is not “race baiting against Russians”


Ok we’re one step forward, two steps back. And back at slavery, segregation and its after effects. You’re back to a theoretical example of “overt race baiting of whites”. Which you said isn’t happening yet ? But we need to watch out for it always ?

Again it does seem that shame and blame and guilt is like a sort of kryptonite to the Right. Which I suppose shouldn’t surprise as women on the Left have complained about being Slut Shamed for expressing their sexuality. And Gays are always complaining about shame being used against them. It seems that the Right are ok with being hated. That’s fine. They’ve had that for 60+ years. But the recent Leftist trend to try to make them feel bad about themselves has resulted in a mass triggering

Edit - I found this story to be an interesting thought experiment

returnofkings.com/134999/lib … hite-signs

It’s interesting for several reasons. One would be that it’s not really in the interest of white people to have race discussed at all. It would be better if all discussion on whiteness stopped. But because of the mood music they can’t resist doing this


The Democratic candidate for governorship disowned the advert. He didn’t pay for it.

Of course it was fearmongering, but if Trump is describing Mexicans and other Latinos as rapists, murderers and thieves, then tough if a group representing those people uses those tactics against him. It’s not as if he was swift in condemning the white supremacist marches in Charlottesville when they were emboldened by his overt racism, carried Confederate flags, and in one instance, drove a car into a crowd of people, killing one.

You can’t have it both ways, all of which is really a demonstration of entitled white privilege by you.


Which is really you, in this thread anyway. Trump’s patent buffoonery is not something you’ve noticed, amazingly !


I genuinely laughed out loud at this comment. :laughing: Please don’t attempt to psychoanalyze strangers on the internet as it tends to make you look ridiculous.


You might want to brush up on your reading comprehension. I wrote that “I know quite a few”. As in I know them personally. I know their families. I socialise with them. etc. Nothing to do with “strangers on the internet”.

But if your kneejerk reaction to my observation, as a stranger on the internet, is to lash out then maybe it hit close home?



I don’t particularly like or even properly understand the new format of this site but one of the interesting features is the way in which it draws your attention to old threads. I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad.

However, in the case of this one it’s pretty interesting to read back through the comments in light of the ‘no collusion with Russia’ Mueller determination.

It seem that those most invested in a story that would appear to have been little more than a massive conspiracy theory are the loudest in labelling others as conspiracy nuts, alt-right looms and even in a couples of instances paid Russian trolls.

It’s pretty unbelievable to read these comments from people who presumably perceived themselves to be highly sensible in their consumption of source material and in their output.

I arrived at a similar juncture a number of years back when i determined that many of my former left leaning views were actually horsehit. Assuming there is nothing beyond the already published summary contained in the Muelelr Report, can we expect similar Pauline reappraisals to commence sometime soon I wonder ?

In other words the definition of ‘swivel eyed loons’, ‘retards’ , ‘bots’ etc etc appears to be very much subjective



Wow! Did you all know this??.


Not sure about the other claims but the source of hospital claim this 2018 video may be the source of that info


A New York magistrat judge is requesting testimony from Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in a case involving slain DNC voter data director Seth Rich.


That a fake news site? Its not any spectator I have heard of.


Matt Couch @RealMattCouch

BREAKING: After denying that they had ever seen Seth Rich’s laptop the FBI now admits to my Attorneys that they have the laptop and are in the middle of extracting files and information… Developing…

8:21 PM · Dec 9, 2020

Src: https://twitter.com/RealMattCouch/status/1336767909268480000


Yeah. This is another weird one. Why deny it then? Why admit it now?