Historic Irish House Price Data

National House Price Rises:
1998 29.8%
1999 17.9%
2000 21.3%
2001 4.4%
2002 13.3%
2003 13.8%
2004 8.6%
2005 9.3%
2006 11.8%

2006 Monthly % Changes Annual % Change
January +1.2 +10.2
February +1.0 +11.1
March +1.3 +12.1
April +1.4 +13.2
May +1.6 +14.5
June +1.2 +15.3
July +1.1 +15.4
August +1.0 +15.4
September +0.7 +15.0
October +0.6 +14.2
November +0.1 +13.1
December +0.1 +11.8
January 2007 +0.1 +10.6
February 2007 +0.1 +9.5
March 2007 -0.6 +7.4
April 2007 -0.8 +5.1

Source: Permanent TSB House Price Index

Total House Completions
1998 42,349
1999 46,512
2000 49,812
2001 52,602
2002 57,695
2003 68,819
2004 76,954
2005 80,957
2006 93,419

Source: Department of Environment Housing Bulletin

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Which I think was created by the 'pin user Fable but I stand to be corrected… :wink:

Yep, guilty as charged. :wink:

This is the data I used:
finance.gov.ie/documents/publications/other/bes2006update.pdf (pg 81)

Oh yea, I love this, nothing like a few good graphs its been too long 8)

Great work,been looking for that stuff for ages ,is there any information on house prices going back before 1970?
Also wages ,inflation ,etc or any other stats.

hi5> Contact the Department of Environment (Housing) or the Department of Finance - they should have that data you’re looking for.

This was open on my browser, I don’t remember clicking this site or seeing the link on the pin but here it is.


Check out the chart/guide for ascertaining valuations under or over.

If we could get yearly house prices & yearly rental figures for say the last 15 years we could use this chart as an objective measure I think it would serve well as a clear historical guide and lesson in property market dynamics.

(mainpage globalpropertyguide.com/)

Some more quote from the site:


That graph is exponential in its shape. A sure sign that the rise in equity was used to buy more houses thus pushing up prices which then “generate” more equity and that extra equity was used to buy more houses thus pushing up rices even further.

It was an investors market for the past 10 years. Rises in wages (and extended loan payback terms , 20 to 30 to 40 years) meant that Seosamh Bloggs could buy a piece of the housing stock). Now that other European countries are borring from the common Euro pool, it’s put an end to the madness. But something had to give. Now that interest rates have rises & are continuing to rise, its squeezing everyone with mega-mortgages.

Also, amazing how inflation in Ireland increases when the economy takes a downturn. Same thing happened in 2002.

…updated price list above with % price changes for 2007. Apparently prices decreased by 0.6 in March and by 0.8 in April.

Cut and paste the list of figures into an Excel graph - looks lovely! :slight_smile:

2006 11.8%

Did prices rise by 11.8% in 2006? I have a ssneaky suspicion that prices were jacked up by developers (after the interest rate rises) to get one last final OTT payment for their houses. Some houses may have been bought at the exorbiant prices and I think that “houe prices are up” mantra throughout 2006 was because of a few straglers who bought at the vastly inflated prices.

The growth for the first quater of 2006 was revised down :unamused: to 4% . There’s nothing to suggest to me at all that hosue rpices rose by 10% in 2006 (except for the fact that a few people bought at the highest possible prices).