Hobbs: Up to 10 years before property recovery

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How is Eddie’s overseas property fund doing these days I wonder?

I go to great lengths not to listen to Eddie Hobbs. He gets as far as “I’m the most w…” and I’ve changed channel or ripped my headphones off.

Well, he’s still bullish.

Vaseline? Shame he didn’t share some with the bankers & politicians who have shafted the country, to ease our pain. 8-

Can we finally nail the “property will recover” meme? It’s not as if falling prices are the equivalent of a flu. In fact the opposite is true. Bubble prices were the disease. They were bad for buyers, bad for the economy, bad for everyone but a small contingent of landowners and insiders. What’s happening now is the recovery from that illness.

I agree. This is the recovery.

Having previously been a cheerleader for the property bubble and therefore culpable for this mess, you would think he would have the decency to keep his mouth shut.

Neck like a jockey’s bollocks :imp:

Shur we’re all grand with the wisdom of financial gurus and leading economists.

Eddie should do the decent thing - resign from the National Consumer agency, which as became the best exemplar of Rip-off Ireland:

A CE on over €200K; a board of 13 for an agency with a staff of about 20 and it’s a great country indeed that a PR company has to be conttracted for €200K to circulate press releases.

Perish the thought, that there would be some small change left over, for an online price comparison service - produced for value by a start-up rather than the likes of Accenture.

That of course would be an ideal world XX

Anybody seen his magazine recently? Is that still on the go even!!!

Eddie “Me and your Money*” Hobbs

*Well, you used to have money, now we’re not so sure… Let’s release some equity… HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS!!!

You bought one of my earlier books which totally misadvised you on how to invest your SSIA and contributed to you now being in debt.


So, I’m going to make some money of that as well.

Well, no prizes there Eddie.

History shows that in the wake of a significant crash, most property markets, once they stop falling and start to increase, take about 10 years to get back to the pre crash prices.

Might have something to do with sustainable property prices normally growing at about 8% pa, thus doubling in value every 10 years or so and bubbles driving prices to about twice what the market can realistically sustain.

Blue Horseshoe

Who gives this little gimp airtime? A commission hungry hoor, mercilessly pushing geared property punts at the top of the market? Taking a moral stance…

Nurse! My pills please…

Just in case anyone is interested in hearing Hobbs speak:
Eddie Hobbs will be visiting to chair a debate between the college political societies entitled “If I had €1000 I would spend it on…”. He will then be giving students some tips on how to save our money in the times ahead. Admission is free but donations to the Jack and Jill charity skydive can be given as desired. Wed (11/2/09). 20:00 - 22:00. Kirwin theatre, NuiGalway

not a love of love for Eddie here it seems - but the bits where he’s sticking it to the government all sound right to me. Maybe you don’t like the many who is saying it but very little of what he’s saying here sounds wrong to me.

I suppose what people would like, and Eddie isn’t alone in this, is for some bubble pumpers to publicly admit their failings at the same time that they jump ship and see the light.

Eddie is now mostly a media commentator/celebrity and needs to keep up with the zeitgeist to keep the gigs rolling in. When he saw that this property malarkey was going down the toilet he acted quickly:

From property bubble cheerleader to an uber-bear in a hop, skip and jump.

on the bright side i guess at least there is one more person in the public eye who has had their ‘road to Damascus’ moment.
still holding out hope LO’K will get one…

I agree, its like an alcoholic who’s finally off the booze. He’s a changed man, he won’t come down the pub like he used to. So in a effort to help him get out more his ‘friends’ want to pin him down and pore vodka down his throat.