Hold fast your rung on the ladder...

From the Indo

Hold fast your rung on the ladder…

Starts pretty badly
“Already there are positive signs in the property market, with sales starting to pick up and prices levelling off.”

But there seems to be some connection with reality later:

For the “First-time-boughts”:

“What Ciara and Roisin could do when their fixed-rate term is up is shop around for a better deal and perhaps even get a fixed rate for another 12 months. This will ensure that they know what their monthly mortgage repayment will be and they can budget accordingly.”

For the fustrated sellers:

“Right now, a lot of people are sitting on the fence when it comes to buying homes and it has become frustrating for sellers. The simple answer would be to reduce the price, but that may not even be enough. It is important that the price when it is put back on the market, is lucrative for potential buyers.”

And lastly (for the BLT investor):

“Alan also needs to budget for a slowdown in rental growth. At a time when prices are soft, how does he expect to get a return on his investment? It’s not enough for the rents to cover repayments. they should also provide him with a return on his own funds.”

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What a load of bo88ox.
I was up to no good and I decided to whip by stocking wood once again. You may remember they dropped their prices by 100,000 on the 4 beds and a little less on the 3 beds and so on.

I wanted to see the big pick up in sales that these drops induced.
Ehhhhh. Afraid not much happening. The sales office is open which is a good thing but unfortunatly (for the builders) there were about 7 cars parked outside. Given there are about 60 finished houses unsold and maybe 70 apartments unsold then I would guess those price drops didn’t go well. I would assume Saturday is their busy day and one or two of the cars belong to the reps so thing are even worse for them. We were actually going to go in and do some tyre kicking but I bottled it.

Down the road from this estate is another called Stocking something or other. We drove in and had a look about. These guys also dropped their prices by about the same amount as Stocking Wood. No surprises there really. The place is still about 35% unsold. If you drive through you’'ll notice that they took a differnt approach to Stocking Wood. These guys have the unsold ones mixed in with the sold ones. Every third house is unsold. The current residence probably don’t like empty houses next door but I suppose what can you do?

There is a new estate being built in the old Hughes Dairy beside Nutgrove avenue. They had big advertisments in the papers last week. They were publicising their grand opening on Feb 23rd 2008. They actually though people were still desperate enough to buy off plan. Anyway, the gates are chained up today so I suppose either they didn’t get the interest they expected or they sold out last week. :laughing:

The place is called HazelBrook. Even if there was a market still around anybody who would buy in there would need to be very patient as the access in and out is governed by Traffic lights up on Nutgrove avenue. These lights go green every 5 minutes and stay green for a few seconds at best. Assuming 500 properties in Hazelbrook then log jam is an understatement for the morning and evening rush hour.

BertieBasher Saturday report. :smiley:

I’m off to eat my 6 Olhausen sausages, 4 rashers, 4 eggs and half a sliced pan. I’ve earned it.

“*Comment is not allowed” when I first tried to post the comment below. In fairness it worked the second time I tried but said: “Please note that due to the volume of comments that we receive, we cannot guarantee that all comments will be published.”

I think the cat’s out of the bag and most people in Ireland now accept that property prices are falling and the economic outlook is gloomy.

The Indo/Sindo are putting in these articles cos they know people are reading them and are getting a good laugh out of them. Helps boost advertising.

Ah go on in for the laugh! You’ll break the monotony of their day. You might get a good chat and a free cup of coffee.

I know there are forums such as Indy Media about. Any sign of commentary on poor current property analyst, or are Chomsky’s filters an accepted given amongst them?

Have they Michael? Would you like to point me towards this hint, because I haven’t a clue where you are getting this line from.

I wonder if Dalriada was as deserted as Stocking whatever… they also dropped their prices in the same general area - interesting to know if many were up there… Didn’t see anything on the news like the hype they had when Barnwell(D15) had “queues” of people after dropping their prices.

Good god, a TV presenter(hot!) bought along with her sister one of those apts in Sandyford at the peak of the bubble in Oct 2006 and yet the advice is IR ‘could fall’ when the biggest elephant in the room is of ‘negative equity’ which will prob be severe is not even mentioned.

Lemmings how are ya.