Hole in the wall, ATM limits for Irish Banks

It appears the ATM limit for BOI is 450 or so I was told. I am not a customer myself but was told in passing.

I thought that somewhat low. AIB is 600.

If it is 450, it’s gone up. It used to be 250…

My BOI card allows up to 300. Don’t know if that’s the maximum for all cards.

I thought BOI was €700 ?

The BoI AMT limit is set by the customer can can be up to €700.

Danske bank is E400, however I called them prior to travelling overseas and was able to get it increased to E1000. I haven’t tried to withdraw more than 400 recently so i don’t know if the higher limit is still there or if they have reduced it again.

I’m BOI - limit is €700 allright

Certain BoI customer have a €1300 limit.

Why do threads like this appear every few days here, with a hint of bank run/cyprus/euro implosion etc about them.

And then elsewhere we bemoan the slow economy/lack of confidence. As if discussion of bank atm limits is a) relevant to a property market b) good for business/confidence.

Just asking like, I respect the knowledge and record on this site. Do you see any form of conflict there?

Handy way to callibrate to normal thus help spot deviations requiring further attention or analysis peppered with some wild blue sky speculation of the most catastrophic kind and give yoghanmahew something to counterpoint.

Sky is falling, look out. :mrgreen:

When Bank of Ireland had their communications SNAFU the maximum you could withdraw from the ATM was about €400. That was probably just another comms issue with the ATM.

The lesson of Cyprus is that the poster boy that Ireland was presented as has failed. The maths doesn’t work. This isn’t green jersey time, it’s ensuring each person managed their assets.

Do you have more than 100k in an Irish bank? Or any EU bank? If so, be comfortable with the risk.

I’m starting to wonder if managing personal cash deposits to keep them below the 100k mark is any guarantee of security - the notional guarantees are one thing but we’ve seen them move the gold posts already, so were this to happen again in another country what’s to stop them saying we’re really stuck and we have to take a % of anything over 50k, or 30k? :nin

The 100k guarantee is an EU thing. Initially they produced this fantastic idea to “tax” the deposits in Cyprus below 100K so the guarantee would be unaffected. That was rowed back upon.


The good news is that the 100k appears to be sacrosanct. The bad news is that everything else, government bonds, shares, bank bonds (senior or subordinate) is now fair game.

Deposit guarantee is only if the country is solvent. oops.

The bailouts will be unlimited, the sovereign bondholders will be haircut to ensure this, to keep the 100k limit to prevent panic in other countries. That, I believe, is the import of Mr. Draghi’s blurtings today.

I dont think anything is sacrosanct. The sub 100k will be last to be hit though. For fear of people holding placards or writing on their hands.


This is the bit I’m unsure of - the personal deposit grab in Cyprus has spread more uncertainty in my mind as to whether or not anything is truly sacrosanct anymore. Further fueled by the Irish govt. stating that no such deposit grab will happen in Ireland, leading me to deduce it almost certainly will XX