Hole in the wall, ATM limits for Irish Banks

Me too, but this reassures me somewhat (as it is intended to): bbc.co.uk/news/business-22024610

Pontius pilate comes too mind. Wasnt this a trioka deal?

I was punching in the numbers at the ATM machine
I could see in the reflection
A face staring back at me
At the moment of surrender
Of vision over visibility
I did not notice the passers-by
And they did not notice me

life is short but it’s the longest thing
you’ll ever do
the worst
the curse
was that your dreams
came true
god is a mirror in which
each man sees himself
when i first met you
your face was like snow
whenever i went
you wanted to go

your face
your grace
your lipstick trace
your case as you put it down
8:17 on the ground
your faith in a clown

don’t leave me now
oh in this sound
in this song

Never mind the sovereign, 100K will be the new Federal limit.

Mine used to be 700 but I went in a month ago and asked them to raise it, which they did to 1,000.

My limit with PTSB is €700, not sure if you can get higher

Although some non-PTSB ATMs won’t give me quite as much as €700

Very artistic … are you on the dole!!!

Why would anyone want to take that much cash out in one go?

If there was any run, any limits only apply to the range of your sawn off.

‘tis my money Father, I just don’t like fillin’ out all de forms…

Me: I’m buying 2 large consumer items remember and have no problem paying cash
Sales man: Ok I’ll know 50 quid off
Me: Done, just give me 5 minutes to run to the ATM

Thus, presumably, not going through the books. And a loss of VAT and tax to the economy.

No wonder the place is f**ked.

Incorrect. I am talking about dealing with consumer elctronic shops etc where I always get receipts (need them for guarantees etc) not tradesmen and the likes. The receipt will state for example:

Original Price 1,000
Miscellaneous Discount: 50
New Price: 950

Cash is also upfront and no associated bank processing charges in many cases. In one shop i argued that if I pay by credit card they’d be charged 2-3% in fess. Why not split the different? Yer man agreed, knocked 2% off for cash.

Some places will simply not countenance a cash discount however

Yep, I often use the credit card fee argument if I can pay cash and the discount is worth having. It tends to work best when dealing with the owner / manager or someone with authority. Doesn’t fly if dealing with junior staff which is fair enough, I suppose.

Haggling is not a retail norm in this country and the way I see it is if it was then if I was selling a packet of packet of biscuits I think the starting price would be at least €20. We could take it from there. :smiley:

Not much margin on electronics and cameras. It can very low in some cases with the margin made on accessories sales and the like.

I remember the days when you could get FIVERS from the ATM… now that was buying power!

So do I - those days mightn’t be too far away again.

One obvious symptom of boomtime Ireland was the apparent inability of the ATMs to stock anything other than 50s. I noticed this from about 2003 onwards - it seemed impossible to get a mix of 10s and 20s if you withdrew a multiple of 50 in Ireland. You’d always end up with 50 euro notes.

Nope it’s not, I’m almost of the opinion people think you’re “poor” if you ask for a discount

I remember the first time I asked for a cash discount in the presence of my wife (then girlfriend). She nearly died, until wwe got the discount that is. She’s changed her ways since then :laughing:

I’m assuming you mean even depositors a solid bank in a solid country like Germany could be hit above 100K. I couldn’t see this happen in a country like Germany where savings are very high because the majority tend to rent and not buy their accommodation, and 150K + would be a pretty normal amount to have (depending on your age and salary) in a healthy economy where most of it’s citizens are frugal to say the least.

That’s the point, faith in cash being greater than faith in institutions, although paper money is an institution in itself!