Home Choice loan scheme receives just four applications:SBP

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I can’t believe that the government still believes that this is the best use of €500million of taxpayers money

I guess the brokers are inundated so… :neutral_face:

It doesn’t believe that. It never believed that. It’s as good a use as any for their purposes.

i can’t believe you’d think anything else…

I somehow doubt that Minister Gormley made a strong case to the EU whatever about junior minister Finnerans opinions on the matter 8)

it goes to show how important it was that people prepared that template for the complaint,
well done to all concerned, and those that took the time to send in a complaint.
feckin fianna fail, the builders party.
they really have "fail"ed.



I think they need an advertising campaign

  • Another quality WGU production :slight_smile:

“Some concerns have been raised By the cat’s uncle? about the prudence of the scheme, given the poor economic climate, and a number of complaints were made From morla? to the European Commission about the scheme.”

Congrats to all, and a big slap to the lazy-ass, resorting-to-the-bloody passive voice journalist and the crap subeditor who let that muck pass :imp:


Does that mean I have to go to the darkside?

You can’t get much more subprime than that.

Neither the government nor Country Tom will be too concerned about the failure of the Home Choice loan scheme. Anglo has been set up as a “bad” bank and any loans which cannot be paid will be transferred into it. The result will be better than HCL for the CIF. Their members will hand the debts to the banks who hand it to Anglo and its the taxpayer who picks up the tab. Only a minor inconvenience for developers. It will not be quite that simple but that will ultimately be the result. Why else has Country Tom stopped clutching at straws? Just like next week’s reduction in Stamp Duty - he knew about it ages ago.

When is this happening?

Tom said ‘something’ would be announced on Feb 1 in a radio interview, I think