Home linked to Lynn included in repossession cases

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Can they claim against the Law society? Mr. Lynn was a member at the time of this transaction.
or have they found a way to weasel out of it - lawsociety.ie/displayCDACont … s_handling

Why is this fellow not arrested with a european warrant? Any one of these fraud cases would surely be enough?

Couldn’t they sue their own solicitor back into the stone age? He must not have verified the titles?

I think Lynn was their solicitor. Open to correction.

Are the people who bought this property still paying a mortgage on it?



Through a gap in legislation no extradition warrent can be issued for Michael Lynn in Europe. He is free to party wherever he wants so long as he doesn’t return to Ireland.

Couldn’t the same scenario happen all over again?

Have NO lessons been learnt from this debacle?

If they “really” wanted him back I’m damn sure a warrant would be issued forthwith.

Lynn was the Vendor and solicitor for the Vendor. The couple purchased the property - paid over their money and Lynn undertook to discharge the existing mortgage - which is fairly standard conveyancing practice except he didn’t and pocketed the money - he must have continued paying the mortgage so that the purchasers didn’t know about it.

The purchasers have no claim against the Law Society fund because that is meant for clients of dodgy solicitors - these guys weren’t Lynn’s clients. I think this requirement was introduced after the Brooks affair.

The only possible claim they have which I personally don’t believe is a runner is that their solicitor should have ensured that Lynn did vacate the mortgage. The problem with that is that our conveyancing system relies on the fact that undertakings can be given and accepted between solicitors. The system is flawed as it can’t protect from crooks.

with this blatant example of apparent theft and fraud by Lynn surely he can be extradited from somewhere and tried

Did they pay lynn cash for the apartment or mortgage it?

It seems that they paid cash for it.

oh no XX
i think their own recourse is against lynn and the law society

Mortgage,who do you think repossessed it?

Unless i’m misreading it, they paid Lynn cash for the house, the house was originally mortgaged by him, he took the money but didn’t use it to pay off the mortgage, so technically the original bank still owns the house, and lynn stole their money.?

You’re right ,I stand corrected.

“I never defrauded anyone. What I did was acceptable practice for bankers, lawers, accountants and auctioneers”



Lynn is such a conman, that interview he did saying ‘i wont’ be a scapegoat for the banks’ was a total crock of $hyte.
he is a thief and nothing short of it.

There’s a bit in the Daily Mail article where he says he might go to jail for a couple of months - I laughed and laughed but not in a gleeful way.

It does seriously beg the question what are the cops up to. The only criminal charge against Lynn is contempt of court which you cannot be extradited for. He is in Portugal - a fact well known to journalists - and his wife visits him frequently. Why haven’t they or the DPP charged him with something and looked to extradite him?