Home truths - Excuses to pull out of sales

And that same friend would probably have told you it was “a great investment” just 12 months ago.

I’ve seen a massive change in sentiment amongst “friends”. Some of those that previously refused to entertain any notion of a fall in the market, now tell me it was always bound to happen, as if they knew it all along. Not one person (apart from Mrs flash) has acknowledged I was calling this over two years ago.

That’s why you married her.:smiley:

Mrs. (always) Right? I think I married her sister.

Would validation from fools make you feel any better about yourself???

Just smile and nod and when the fools are at their most negative about property you’ll know the time has come to buy.


mystic meg has nothing on you! a mere two years until your prediction came true … im whelmed …

2Gaffs, you’re beginning to come across as angry about something :slight_smile: Don’t bottle it up.

He’s starting to turn, been hanging around the Pin too long. :wink:

The length of time he had to wait is irrelevant if the fall means that any gains in the interim are wiped out. You don’t seem to understand this.

Considering that there are some highly paid “experts” who are still having trouble predicting this even after it has happened, two years out isn’t bad at all.