Homebond registrations

Apparently they’re down 40% for Jan/Feb 06/07 and international property investors are getting “nervous”.

Isn’t this beyond the estimated reductions on Starts?

The AIB Housing Market Bulletin in Feb said that Homebond registrations were down 17.7% in January yoy. Do you have a link schnackbox
on the figures you’ve quoted?


I’m just looking for a link - it was on the RTE Radio 1 news at 1 - nothing on the RTE website as of yet.

Thanks :wink:

Click on the Business News link to see the clip


The TV report mentions significant falls in new Homebond registrations without making any reference to a specific number. Also blames the global stock market slump on worries about the Chinese economy, nothing to do with Greenspans comments, the dollar, the deficit and the imploding sub prime mortgage market in the US. :unamused:

If you click on the News At One link in the Radio Programmes section, listen to the audio clip about 3.5 minutes in - “Homebond registrations down 40% in the year to Feb compared Feb 06…following a decline of 18% in January…Much sharper declines in Homebond registrations in Dublin and its surrounding areas”

Here’s the story on FinFacts;

finfacts.com/irelandbusiness … 9311.shtml