(homefacts.ie) How much will housing demand grow in Ireland?

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20% increase in population. If that leads to a 20% increase in households we will need 20% more, or 300,000 EXTRA houses/apartments.

Now, where did I find those 300,000 empties…

How about this as an alternative press release:


That’s the most patronising website I’ve ever come across!

All the cliche multicultural imaging too!

Obviously the by-product of board room drivel.

Do the CIF think Irish people are as thick as them?

But will these people have jobs?

Who? The 30-something chubby chap with the thick glasses? (“Mmm”, he must be the CTO of some web 2.0 company with offices in the docklands :unamused: )

Come to think of it, I think that he served me my latte this morning.

Have a look at the flash banner on



Error number 1:

92% of 450,000 is not 294,400! It is 414,000!

Are the rents in any of the examples realistically achievable? Finglas the same price as south Dublin??

It looks like the CIF board got one of their sons/daughters (fresh out of Sligo Higher Institute of Technology) to schlap an 'aul webshite together in time for the publicshity campain…

I love the half-arsed attempt at a web 2.0 icon:



I’m sure they mean well in the CIF, but really they haven’t got a clue. With all the brains in this fine “knowledge-based economy” of ours, you’d think they’d get someone in who could put a professional website together.

Surely there are advertising standards? And this is after all, an advertisement. They’re effectively attempting to mislead the public.

Hours of fun here. For starters, there is their “Is it cheaper to rent or buy?” case studies…

For 4/5 properties they concluded that “this property is potentially cheaper to buy rather than rent”.

So basically, with sufficient massaging of the figures, it is potentially cheaper to buy as long as I (a) live in a less desirable area, (b) have no intention of raising a family anytime in the forseeable future. Thanks CIF, I now realise the errors of my renting ways!

[Edit: The quoted figure seem to have received a [i]considerable amount of massaging]

I’d say the members must be proud of the innovations going on at the CIF.

Worth every penny of the membership fee! And be-jayzus, sure doezn’t de aul innterrnet yokey look jus smasshin’! De’ll be back queuuin’ up ovvernigh’ again befor’ yez know it!

:smiley: Of course there are standards . :smiley:

This site was put together by First Advertising Ltd for Country Tom and de Lads.

FA or Sweet FA as they are fondly known have very little on their own website . Nevertheless they have this much .

So it was a TOP AGENCY what did that site for Tom.

Nice work…

If you can get it…

The acronym for Sligo Higher Institute of Technology says it all

Well the proper acronym would be minus the “H” but hey never let the facts get in the way there lads! :laughing:

Before University of Limerick and Dublin City University became Universities, were National Institute for Higher Education or NIHE. That’s with a H.

Isn’t it Institute of Technology, Tallaght for the reason that they don’t want to look like a bunch of TITs?

Error No.2:

Does Mortgage Interest relief INCREASE your monthly payments ?? :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

A horrible site that. Cheesy smiles and dodgy advice. Charlatans. :imp:

€294,000 @ 4.99% would cost €1481.91 per month. The above figure is for 5% even - lazy.

€414,000 @ 4.99% would be €2086.77.

The above courtesy of Karl Jeacle’s calculator: