Homeless Crisis. What Homeless Crisis?

The Pick-N-Mix sense of entitlement to other people paying for your lifestyle.

A busy road in Longford? No green spaces in Longford?

Call the UNHCR about the breach of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights not to live on a busy road without a garden.

irishtimes.com/news/crime-an … -1.2662273

The headline says Family refuses council house due to lack of garden and busy road
yet further down it mentions it’s a rent supplement property - a private rental.

I sense a bit of a backlash to the homeless moving into emergency accommodation to skip housing queue. But I sense that the Irish Times will see off this backlash with a shallow story focusing on a few hard luck cases.

How would a single housing authority for Leinster sound ?
“They wanted me to move to Gorey Joe, Gorey !”

Well sometimes the State ‘tells’ people “to go homeless” herald.ie/news/mum-of-baby-w … 04975.html

McVerry laying it on with a trowel again…(spot the contradiction.)

irishexaminer.com/ireland/ho … 01848.html
*“I heard the story of one family, they were living in an hotel bedroom, they are not allowed to mix with other residents, they are not allowed to eat in the restaurant,” said Fr McVerry.
“They have to come in the back door, [they’re] not allowed in the front door.
“They weren’t allowed to sit in the garden. It was a lovely sunny day and all the paying residents were in this garden and the parent decided to bring the kids for a walk.
“**While walking through the garden *the seven-year-old boy saw a bowl on the ground with water and says to his mammy, ‘Mammy why is the dog allowed in the garden and we’re not?’

Hes right though. If it was important enough something would be done. Mr coveny as ex minister for defence will be aware of the huge amount of vacant property in the curragh and St bricins that is under dept of defence control that could be used allowing some of the huge spend on emergency accommodation over the last few years to be redirected to more permanent solutions. At the end of the day it’s too much hassle

If someone won’t accept a 4 bed house in their hometown what makes you think they’ll move to an old building in the Curragh with no facilities.

6100 is nothing, if you closed some scam language schools in Dublin you could see a big change. If you taxed vacant properties there’d be no issue. If people were prepared to move 70 miles they wouldn’t be “homeless”. It’s a scam

I agree…there’s a lot of folk who want a house right where they grew up i.e. inner city Dublin. Not in Rathfarnham or Blanchardstown, never mind army accomm in the Curragh!

But I don’t get the scam thing. Maybe I am being innocent here but FG and Labour were hammered every day for the past 3 years on this. Labour obliterated in part due to this, FG still getting it in the neck.
A lot of the current Ministers are ex-school teachers, small town businessmen etc. Are you telling me that as soon as they get into power, they enter into secret agreements with Developers and shadowy backroom figures to inflate the price of housing no matter what the political consequences? No matter what harm it causes to their family members, friends or fellow citizens.

I just think they are inept and incapable of pushing through big policies. Too worried about veiled threats from vested interests in the legal, finance and unions world to make a big decision and let it take its course. Why risk a big bang policy when you can teether along playing it safely safely

St Bricins is in the centre of Dublin.Walking distance from O Connell street
There was a fully kitted hospital accommodation when I was last there.
As far as I know there is still a mess etc.
Compared to living in a hotel in City west or a hostel I can’t see an issue

The curragh had buckets of empty family accommodation, in terms of facilities it has a swimming pool , secondary and primary schools along with nurse ,doctor and ambulances
It may not suit everyone but there is a huge amount of vacant accommodation that could be used.

The above is a case of one couple refusing a privately let four bed house in Longford who have annexed a council house and are refusing to leave.
Saying that, the family are in the house a couple of months after the council offered them accommodation in an emergency hostel. This was after their landlord moving back to their house and evicting them.

This article was from 2014
It identified Bricins and also Fitzgibbon Street Garda Station as sites for homeless accommodation
irishtimes.com/news/social-a … -1.1866330
It’s 2016 , neither are being used to date AFAIK
I’m not sure about the other site mentioned which would have cost 150 k to refurbish to 8 apartments.
We are spending millions on hotel accommodation

In the UK following the introduction of the benefits cap it is quite common for people to be offered private rented accommodation many miles from their local council areas, particularly for London councils which have rehoused tenants to the south coast and in some case the Midlands.

In Waterford there is a refusal rate of 46% for social housing.

I know people who won’t move in with families members because if they do so, they’ll be removed from the housing list.

We have an entitlement crisis in this country not a housing one.