HOMELESS the day after tomorrow - what now?

thats it lads, the mates are moving out their couch is no longer there for me. no family here well none that want me, travelled casual jobs all gone now nothing there. could have bought 3 years back no roff over my head 2 days 48 hours keft now no good for at all its over now. i think its terrible, cant see it out

are you on the dole? if so, how much money do you get?

Your first thought on being made homeless is to post on a website looking for advice ???

Don’t worry, you’ll be dead within a week on the street.


My first thoughts, I took a minute to read your previous posts. Nothing really there to indicate anything but a troll…

God bless.

Even destitute asylum seekers dont usually end up out on the street just like that eg if they lose their deposit due to damage/an unfair landlord?

When I was on the dole last year, I was told it would take 6-8 weeks to get my application processed…but was given a Community Welfare Officer contact no. if I was going to be unable to survive that long, for emergency help…didnt need it so dont know what would have come of it…but try it out?

A loud troll too , locking !