Homeowners with trackers to escape rate hikes until 2012

independent.ie/business/pers … 46661.html

Bit misleading reporting from the indo there. ECB haven’t said anything, which Comical Austin thinks means no increases until 2012.

Then again, I’ve been quite bad at predicting the ECB, thinking every month for the last 19 months now that they would do the sensible thing and increase rates.

Well, if you abdicate your responsibilities you can expect something to fill the gap.

And so we see the bond market are doing it for them.

Yeah, I hate to tell Mr. Hughes, but interest rates have already gone up…

Yeah, can’t think of any possible interest rates might rise, its not as if Europe’s largest economy is booming

1992…that brings back memorites of events in Finland (8 September 1992); Italy (13 September 1992); UK (16 September 1992); Sweden (19 November 1992); Spain (22 November 1992); Norway (10 December 1992); Ireland (30 January 1993); Spain again (13 May 1993); Portugal (13 May 1993)…
remind me again, what country in Europe was booming in the two years prior to that also…
and what happened when interest rates had to be increased…

Austin is definitely going out on a limb here :mrgreen:

Nail on the head.

Of course the ECB will keep rates low until every economy in the Euro is back to at least 2.5% GDP growth cos we’re all equals :unamused:

worse still, the postive news is now coming out on a daily basis :open_mouth: