HONEYPARk Dunlaoghaire

I am interested to know if any one has viewed the showhouse for the 4 bed, at this new developement, I viewed it yesterday, its really lovely, but for 500K, is this just mad for this current property market and its not really agreat location, They are well fitted out and lots of energy savings, but does anyone think long terrm these houses would ever increase in value, The park at centre of estate is being handed backe to DLR after 6 years the EA told me,so then its very public to any one. Also the EA has told me that the 3 overlooking park at 500, 510K have been sold, I still think a little pricy for area. Also, just as amatter of curiousity when there is an asking price in a new development is it possible to offer less,

There’s a thread about those houses here where is worth a read: