Honohan calls for swift decision on Anglo's future

Honohan calls for swift decision on Anglo’s future -> independent.ie/business/iris … 06421.html

A swift trial and a swift hanging…

Once again the professor leaves us in no doubt as to what he thinks should happen!

I have a feeling the government is starting to regret appointing Honohan, he remarkably vocal for a CB governer.

Dr Patrick Honohan addressed the irish Chamber of Commerce here in Singapore last week.

An attendee told me that the good Doctor opened his speech by declaring that the Asean countries ‘had a lot to learn’ from Ireland…

Not sure which of the Asian Tigers he was referring to, but it can’t have been Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea or Japan surely?

Perhaps his comments were meant for the Burmese and Philippine delegates etc, where rotten governance, institutional and corporate greed and corruption, state bankruptcy, poverty and mass emigration are also the norm.