Honohan "Ireland's Fiscal Slide Worse Than `Almost Any Other

Havent seen this posted

bloomberg.com/news/2010-10-2 … ate1-.html

How about starting with Patrick’s bloated salary?

More than Ben Bernanke or Mervyn King.

I see he made a cautious and reasonable comment too about the NPRF buying Irish government bonds. Seems its not legal at the moment, and it should stay that way frankly.

politics.ie/economy/141350-l … bonds.html

The NPRF will be gone by the time this is over. Everything will be gone.

Edit; just to say, we are just realising the losses, they were incurred a long time ago. Not much variation on the path forward.

And why is that Patrick?

Pouring billions into failed banks that speculated on the biggest bubble of all time driven by the patrons of the people who appointed you?

No, no, no… Cut the deficit, all the while shovelling the proceeds into the great big black hole round the back of this suckshack.


Honahan should have had the balls to stop this bailout. As soon as he was appointed Anglo should have been thrown to the wolves

Not to mention the few state assets that we still own.

Paddy’s prognostications are sounding shallower and shallower…

The “Fill Yer Boots” call:

The “'Tis Only A Flesh Wound” call:

The “Manageable” call:

Love this latest quote!
independent.ie/business/iris … 97851.html

Banks unable to do hard sums - please give generously!

And this clown is the governor of the Central Bank? Holy mother of fuck…