Hoping to buy in Maynooth

I am a FTB and am hoping to buy a house with my boyf in the next few months. I can see from most of the posts that general consensus seems to be ‘wait’. We’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that prices could go down more or may not and that we wont know til its too late. We are hoping for advice on prices. I’m thinking of offering 60k under when we eventually decide to buy, my boyf is less eager to lowball. What would be a reasonable price for a 4bed semi at the moment? And im not counting downstairs rooms as an extra bedroom! Any advice would be much appreciated thanks…any house valuers out there? :slight_smile:

bhrugha - too late for what? If you think that prices will dip for only a week and then off to the races again I think you are mistaken, just look at unemployment figures.

If you have decide to buy well and good but don’t base it on a likely mad rush for housing.

As for value in Maynooth, will turn that to my learned colleagues, there have been several threads here on the subject so a quick search will yield soem decent info.

Thanks for replying jabaar. I’ve done a quite a few searches on maynooth and it was educational stuff. A lot of the posts were made in the summer so I was wondering if sentiments were still the same or if with the talk of stabilisation at the mo that prices won’t go down much more-im talking about asking prices now, i fully intend to offer 60k below any price judging from the posts on this forum. Don’t mind my ‘too late’ thing, didnt know how to phrase that. We just want our own place and have no intention of moving house for a good few years if ever with mortgages the way they are. We will be putting alot of thought into our choice of house. Really glad i found this site, wouldnt be thinking of being half as cheeky as I will be now.

bhrugha, it’s very unlikely that when prices reach the bottom that they will immediately start rising again. Far more likely is a long period of flat-lining. This plateau could last several years, so I wouldn’t worry you’d “miss” the bottom since the bottom could last years. Besides, even if prices do start going right back up again there’ll be loads of time to jump in before they get out of hand. As I say I don’t think that *will *happen, but if we consider this as a worst case scenario it still suggests that waiting for the bottom is your best option.

I think prices for the places you are talking about will fall another 30%+ in the next 3-5 years. But that’s just IMO based on all the stuff you read about on this site: unemployment, emigration, rising interest rates, collapsing sentiment, tight credit, falling wages etc. etc.

bhrugha, I did not mean to be smart, just good to clear up your reasons for buying, this is possibly the biggest single purchase of your life and likely the biggest to date, as such please spend lots of time looking into build quality, services, amenities, crime data, developer status, etc. as you look at options. Do not get tricked by anyone into rushing a decision.
Do you live in Maynooth now? Any history renting there? If yes, well you should know the neighborhoods, the traffic, local amentities, schools, etc. If not, it is highly recommended to rent for a while in the area in which you wish to purchase so maybe doing that for the next 6 months while you look would be a good idea.

As for price, if you are buying a home and willing to suffer potential negative equity for a while, then fine, if it is an investment then now is not the time to buy IMO. Good luck

I’m not going to advise you on what the best price is as they vary depending on where the house is, for example there is one in beaufield for €299k I think and there is another in Castledawson for €380k, even though they are very close to each other. There are others closer to €475k…

It really depends where you want to live, there are new estates but they are half finished, are are likely to stay that way. I wish you well…

Btw we moved here almost 3 years ago, and all 4 of us are very happy, its a very nice place to live, good buses to Dublin, trains, schools of all demoninations, and superb history.

If I was a FTB I would look at Newtown Hall, I personally think that they are a very nice house, and the price has lowered considerably, be carefull when dealing with the EA he’ll blow smoke up your ass.

Thanks for all the advice. I suppose I was asking about the price of non-studenty estates in Maynooth. I’ve done a fair bit of homework on estates as I live nearby and I used to work there. Alot of the places, while individual houses could be fabulous and great value, are full of student houses. Very obvious when there’s a couch in the middle of a green or if the paint is peeling off what would otherwise be a beautiful family home! Glad to hear you’re happy there bob3367. I know what you mean about half finished new builds. Anyone ever heard of the Mycete builders? I found a few complaints about the ones who built straffan wood but I’ve yet to stumble across anything about those builders. Building does seem to be slow moving in Moyglare-I remember looking at that site 4 or 5 years ago wondering when they’d finish!

Every estate in Maynooth has students.

not all have a majority though. Either that or they’re better behaved in different areas!