House buyers ready to pounce

Now if they could only get a mortgage ready they’d be all set. Good luck with that.

Heavens to Murgatroyd…

Alll over the radio this morning.

It never ends does it? The excited tones. The idea that property prices stabilising will be the svaiour of all.
Why does it make headline news at all? It shows nothing has been learned.The crash isn’t even over and it’s started,never mind taking years for the memory to fade.
I despair.

Rally Monkey must have given one to Niamh Hennessy from the sound of that drivel.

On the bright side, when there are a few hundred FTB approved for 175k I won’t be the only person in Leinster putting in lowball offers.

And in other news… 5 people sitting in a barbers asked the barber if they needed a haircut… he said yes !!

April 2009: Survey shows buyers are ready-to-go

November 2009: First-time buyers driving home sales

Nicely done sharper.

What an apt comparison, one will cause you long term suffering for a quick fix which will eventually squeeze the life out of you.

You can give up the cigarettes though…

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: On another newsflash it is reported that FF Politicians, Broadsheet newspapers and certain prominent bankers have said that from now on they promise to tell the truth “honestly” was the response given when asked to repeat their statement. :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

Looking or seeking mortgage approval does not mean that you are intending to buy a property in the short term.

why let the truth get in the way of a good story

On the back of sharpers digging, here are links to the current and 2009 mh reports.

2010: … -year-2630

2009: … -year-2587

Blue Horseshoe

Darn, that’s another survey I missed :frowning:

Where are they finding all these FTBs to ask? Hmm… The bank queue for FTB mortgage approvals perhaps :unamused: Of course they’d bloody say they’re thinking of buying.

I propose a new survey of would be FTBs at the dole queues to even this shit out.

Slow day Niamh, eh! :unamused:

This article makes as much sense as

Group that self-identifies as group that does a particular activity plans to pursue this activity during some period of time in the future.

:laughing: And even at that, only two-thirds of them propose to undertake that activity! :confused:

What do you expect Paul? It doesn’t sound like you are agreeing with them.