house buyers survey

Any idea what the going rate on a house buyers survey/ report is here in Dublin?
I am looking to get one done in the next few days and would like to have a ball park figure before approaching engineers/valuers.
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I’m sure someone here has had a house survey completed in Dublin in the past 6 months?

About €140 for the valuation report for the bank and €340 for a structural engineers report or pre purchase house survey on a 2,500 sq ft house. All including VAT.

Can you recommend someone?

You will need to get the panel list off your lender for a Valuer,no point getting someone to do it only to find out subsequently that they are not acceptable.

I used a company called **Property Health Check **for the structural and found them excellent,crucially they allowed me accompany them on the day of the survey and explained everything in great detail and in a subsequent report.

Tel (01) 628 1040-Peter Sweeney

I used peter as well, very good…if its a property that needs work go with him and see the jobs for yourself.

I am always interested in those who look for these…

You be surprised how much you can actually see by opening your eyes when walking through a house and looking outside a house…

the thing is most dont just open their eyes

Unless you’re an engineer, you’d be mad not to pay for a survey, and the bank probably wouldn’t lend anyway.

Let us know how that works out for you.

Banks only go by the valuers report,the survey is your protection against buying a house with (insert problem) and in a lot of cases they identify something that while fixable will cost a lot of money,its at this point the surveyor pays for himself as you either walk away or renegotiate price downward.

I know enough about property to know that I would never buy without getting a survey done.

It’s not the engineers report you are buying, but the insurance cover if they (and you) miss something serious.

Thanks for the feedback - it seems 350-400 is pretty much the standard.

Also request the BER report that was created for the BER cert, the estate agent should have a copy. That is another report that will tell you where there are draughts, levels of insulation etc.

Another thumbs up for Peter. I used him on a house I bought and a couple of months later have had no surprises on top of what he highlighted in the report.

I’ve found the BER to be not worth the paper it’s printed on. Useless.

What is the situation with BER’s, in that you rarely see the level given in the advert for a house (some but not generally). Are they mandatory? And where do you stand if a house hasnt got one?

Used property health check also…good job.

BERs are mandatory if you sell or rent. However, they’re really not worth anything, and I strongly suspect an extra €100 would often allow you to pick your own rating.

Keep in mind that things like LED bulbs vs halogen will change the rating, so take them with a pinch of salt. They sure help generate a bit of income for a lot of underemployed property industry people though.

Would anyone be willing to email me the report they received for the survey on their property, by Property Health Check or otherwise? I know they have a sample report on their site but I’d be interested in seeing a few others to get a feel for the quality of the survey.

Please PM me if you’re willing to send it on and I’ll give you my email address.