House in Dublin 8 for less than €100000

Do you think this house is worth the asking price?

For sale since May 09 and started life at €149k


It is a 2 bed but in reality it is little more than a 1 bed because it is so small.

I still think it is decent value. €600pm rental would give you a yield of just under 7% allowing for costs.

€99,950 / 420 sq/ft works out at just under €238 per sq/ft.
Probably good value if you can live in a shoe box.

Directly across the road from St. Theresa’s Gardens. Worked in that area in 2008, it’s a tough area to live in…

I looked at a rental in that street a few years ago, it’s true it’s a bit grimy. But less than 100k isn’t bad - better value than apartments that are still going for over twice that.

I lived here in the late 90’s early 00’s just as the place was starting to get regenerated. I lived there for 6 years and when you get to know the locals you shouldn’t have any trouble. I worked in a bar that’s not there anymore as a student. I didn’t have any trouble but you do have Theresa Gardens as neighbours and it is wild what goes on. If you don’t get to know the locals, don’t plan on keeping a car, bike, motorbike, anything. Keep a viscous and very hungry mutt (however, they will poison him over time if they think you have anything worth robbing).
My neighbour heard a bang one night in the access road and looked out. He got a crobar through his windows for his nosiness. Cops call out speed is ‘never’ from Kevin Street and they will not go into Theresa Gardens.

The Apt’s in weaver square (around the corner) sold for 60k new when they were built in 97 I think.

20K so.

Come on! It’s got a Master Bedroom! How bad can it be?

As an aside, a dog that isn’t viscous is usually one that has spent some time in a blender. Not much use for intimidation purposes then, other than as a sign that you fucking mean business!

I’ll get my coat.

Better as an investment apparently. … 60045.html

Qualitay calculations.

Ahh, St Teresas Garden, such sweet memories, lived there for a while in the 70s and its memory is still in me. Stories I could tell.

There is much more to life than just money.

I wouldn’t live in that house if I got it for free and as an investment property well…I’m running!

Apparently, rental agents reckon they will get 800 for it.

Lads n lassies it’s time to close the head shops asap… the EAs appear to be suffering from side effects!

Not to mention that one person can get it if the earn 26k but it takes two earning 40k to buy it together…

I knew the property market was made… but that takes the biscuit :laughing:

I had the ‘pleasure’ of working in Teresa’s Gardens a few years ago. The kids were curious, mouthy and I thought very sweet. Many of the adults were absolutely terrifying. The levels of untreated/unnoticed mental illness and social deprivation were shocking. The out in the open drug dealing is legendary and the Guards are very clear that it is a no go area. We ended up having to hire a few of the local lads as security. All in all wouldn’t ever want to live anywhere near the place, and I think quite a few of the people that I met, still living there, would echo that.

40k max in the real world.
Can’t believe how many pinsters lived there. Was there for a year myself circa 1991.

Its quite some place alright.

You have to have lived there to fully unappreciate the place.

Think must be fucked in Ireland alright if people will pay 800 Euro to live near the gardens.

My last memory of the place is the truck pulling away with our stuff and the squatters fighting over who was moving into our flat.

Such a dignified ending.

At least when I was there, there were a few “community activists” who kept the anti social element in check, and who put a bit of fear into the worst of them.
God knows what it’s like now.
Jesus even 40k is too much I think.

They haven’t gone away you know