House in Terenure - what should I offer?

Hi I read this site all the time and can’t say how much its helped me, but I am lucky to have a deposit saved and permanent job that doesn’t look like its going anywhere in the foreseeable future so I am looking to buy and I found a house in Terenure I like (about ten min walk from the village). They are looking for 380k and I was just wondering what was the general consensus on how much below asking should I go in this market and whats the max I should pay, its a 3 bed house, nice area one of the rooms is smallish but the other two are a decent size. I’m buying on my own so any advice help appreciated.

my offer here would be 199,999.99 euro, 2 milch cows, 12 heavy pigs, 10 light pigs and a 14 bags of sticks…no more no less…

Sellers use all the nines to psychological advantage. Buyers should do the opposite, so add yer 2c and make it 200,000.01. How much better does that look! (Better than keeping the light pigs in double digits).

Your theory greatly interests me . . . No more no less . . . .

Not enough information

This is the link to the house

The house next door to it was up for 260k and I dunno what it sold for but it needed refurbishment

I wouldn’t part with a light pig nevermind a heavy pig for it!

That cant be true ! You WOULD give 1 light pig if the vendor would accept for the gaff . . . No more no less . . .

You’re probably right, I’ll drop round later…

If you are short light pigs we may be able to do a deal. . . . I am long pigs - both heavy and light but short sticks and coal at the moment (given its summer) . . . .No more no less . . . .

You are probably aware of the recent find on the same road, just in case you’re not:

Cocaine with an estimated street value of €8.5 million has been seized in Dublin in one of the largest drug finds this year.
The drugs were seized by gardaí following a planned search of a house on Corrib Road in Terenure last night.

Thanks for that homeless I wasn’t aware of that but I know a few people who have rented or lived on that road and they say its grand cocaine raids aside ; - >. Pigs aside has anyone else a view of what this place is worth? My head is spinning from too much wine at the weekend but was thinking of making an offer this week 8DD

Using the 3.5 times salary calculation you would need to be earning a nice 6 figure salary to inhabit that, albeit renovated, ex council house.

I hope that wine was a decent pomerol. 8DD

And the madness of the masses continues unabated…

Smooth on the inside, rough on the outside. That house is an Armadillo. 200 max

Smooth on the inside, rough on the outside. That house is an Armadillo. 200 max

Really? Do you mean the area or the fact it was council house?

Not the area, the fact that its a council house. Its lovely inside but because its an ex corpo it just doesnt cut it for me. Id rather that than a nice place in Drimnagh but certainly would want it to be priced reasonably. But that only matters if you intend to sell it on. If you dont you can apy whatever you feel comfortable with to secure the place

Thanks for all the help. I’m not in a rush to buy but do like it and the area so think I will go in low and see what happens…

A house like that is worth about 40-50K and will end up at that price.

If that is an ex council house does anyone have any idea what the original occupants might have paid for it?