House insurance - adequate buildings v contents


So I need to update my house insurance.

Been looking at my current policy and the contents seem a bit low. It all depends on what counts are contents vs building costs

e.g. I believe flooring is contents but the kitchen cabinets are building

Do people use the SCSI calculator for rebuild costs?

According to that I’m 35K underinsured to rebuild.

Is 21K contents adequate for a 4 bed 185sq m semi?

Laminate flooring throughout, with carpet on stairs and landing. Nothing too fancy interiors wise.
Policy says 750 max value per item, anything over needs to be specified on the policy (and extra paid for that of course).
Laptops/mobile phones are also excluded


That calculator gave me a cost of €1100 per sq/m which is low considering I got a quote 4 months ago to build a block shed, single leaf cavity block, no plumbing, electrics or heating and it came in @ €1000 per sq/m. Granted, in a rebuild you’re not rebuilding the foundations. I would add 30% to the calculator figure, if the insurance company won’t pay out you can give them quotes when the fight starts but if you were underinsured to start with…


are you sure? im getting 2,125 per sq/m?

im pretty sure flooring is buildings, contents is anything you can easily take with you and i dont see how flooring meets that criteria.


Sorry yeah, getting 1700 sq/m (Limerick, 4 bed detached), and the same parameters except I change to Dublin gives me €2200 sq/m ouch