House Insurance Renewal - Recommendations

My home insurance is up for renewal this month and I recently received the usual reminder from my existing insurer. As per usual there was a huge increase in my premium (from €380 to €550 per annum this time) and I assumed that this was the usual insurers scam of automagically increasing the cover year on year. In the past this would involve getting them to reissue a quote without the ridiculous increase in cover and presuming there was no outlandish rise in resulting premium, renewing. Or if the reissued quote is substantially higher than budgeted for, shopping around.

Except this year the premium has leaped 45% for no particular reason and they haven’t even bothered with the usual inflation of amounts covered. :open_mouth:

Has anybody else been so gouged by their insurers? Who out there is not gouging their customers?

Can anybody recommend a good rebuilding costs calculator? I imagine rebuilding costs have been dropping in recent years due to the arse falling out of the industry, but this is Ireland, so perhaps not.

Try this… … -Guide.pdf

Ta Rimbaud. Those per sq m rebuild costs do seem lower than I would have expected. I don’t live in any of the cities listed but would estimate at somewhere between the Cork and Dublin figures. The rebuild cost I used last year was higher than this year’s value for Dublin, though I don’t recall where I got that from.

Still doesn’t explain the huge increase in the quote though. In fact it makes it even more incomprehensible.

The increase is due apparently to the flooding that took place before and after Christmas,the big freeze,burst pipes etc and apparently in no small measure to people claiming on their insurance where pre-recession they used to cover the cost of damage etc if it was small scale…

…or so I was told when I went to look for quotes a few months ago…I got quite a shock when I received my renewal so I did what I do every year broke open the yellow pages and spent the guts of 2 hours getting quotes,rang 11 outfits before I got a quote that was cheaper than what I paid the year before…big saving of e304.00.

I’ve spent the last hour rooting around and while I have had no trouble beating my insurers quote (due I’m sure to the drop in rebuild costs they haven’t quoted for) I haven’t come within an asses roar of last year’s quote. The best I could find would be around €475 from these guys, but they are obviously just a broker, which means there is a middle man to be cut out.

I’m sure my current insurer could match that when I ask for a quote based on the lower rebuild cost, so I am intrigued that you found a player cheaper than the rest. Could you pm me with who you used in the end?

PM sent

Ta very much.

I saved a load this year with with a travelers policy. Seemed to have a slightly bigger excess and strip out a lot of the superfluous crap that my previous policies have had.