House Lettings: kitchen table or fuller kitchen?

Renovation, kitchen big enough to get reasonable but not big kitchen table in at the expense of skimping a bit on worktop / storage / eye-line oven, that sort of thing. Other alternative is quite big, well equipped kitchen but no table. Not possible to do island / stools type combo.

House has traditional sitting room & dining room double door layout.

Any thoughts on this one, from landlords or tenants about what different types of tenants would likely prefer and how strongly?

Don’t know if this is going to be a shared house or family rental.

No table, better equipped kitchen.


If you have a full dining/reception room, there’s no reason for more than one or two people ever to eat more than occasionally, briefly and casually in the kitchen (I mean just grabbing toast and coffee) and working in a cramped kitchen is infuriating.

From renting furnished properties, I can say a bigger kitchen is always one of my main wishes, along with more bookshelves, fewer random knick-knacks / items of furniture whose purpose is unidentifiable, more storage space and a reasonably free hand in the garden, if there is one.

:open_mouth: The last thing you want in the kitchen is people getting under your feet while you work.
I want a big kitchen to myself. Everyone else can clear off to the dining room.
Actually, I’d rather just have the entire house to myself. :laughing:

Kitchen table - use the dinning room as an additional bedroom :slight_smile:

Where are you located and what is your target market?

City centre targeting groups of 20-30 year olds house-sharing, I would recommend kitchen table - both as a landlord - and as a former tenant.

Outer inner city. Target market not clear between families / group of adults. Middle to higher end of market.

Suppose the interesting questions are:

  1. Proper kitchen with lots of cooking & storage, along with separate dining room might be thought a little old fashioned. Would some people prefer this though?

  2. Would either of these really put off tenants?

@Luan, the extra bedroom angle is something landlord would prefer to avoid here. Guessing that’s a shared house / students scenario.