House Market "Officially On The Up" In Northern Ireland

Not sure how this was missed (didn’t see it in other threads–please move if I’m not the first). You can thank me with donations for disseminating this important message. Now I’m off to buy a house at asking price…

A preview–“Our advice to potential purchasers is to ensure the asking price for their desired property reflects the summer 07 figure less around 30%, but also to realise that vendors cannot be expected to reduce substantially further than that.”

I love Dead Cat Bounces…

Buy buy buy

Absolute brock. Ive enquired via email about some property for sale in the North. 3 emails sent, no replies. Spoke to others who said the same with other EAs. Seems they’re just lethargic and don’t even see the point in getting motivated due to lack of mortgage approvals.

Same in the south, it seems.
Nearly 2 weeks since I made an initial enquiry to view with GWD.
Rang again after 1 week. “We’ll get back to you”.

I spoke to someone who sent several email (no reply), phoned a number of times (no answer) and finally in desperation, put pen to paper, and wrote a mailed letter to the owner of the house in question informing them not to hold their breath waiting for the house to sell, and explaining why.

I was on a holiday last week and happened to see an English edition of the Mail.They claimed that estate agents in England need to take on extra staff because of a 108% increase in queries from first time buyers over the last 12 months.Moral of the story-there are bargains out there and its never been a better time to buy.

Yep, that’s probably true. We can’t expect all vendors to drop their prices further than that.
These are the vendors who won’t manage to sell their houses. Their choice.


Somebody should tell this guy:
Sure the way he talks you’d think there was a bubble bursting or something.