House, Porsche or Save ???

OK, a somewhat bizarre question that was floating through my mind a little after midnight when I’d consumed a couple of glasses of wine. We’ve (me and other half) been outbid on a house we put a lowish offer on (circa 15%, 100k under asking). Politely declined to continue with property as I don’t do bidding wars and more than I’d pay anyway.

I was trawling through carzone last night and came across a couple of Porsche Cayman’s (like a Boxster but hard top - A.K.A a poor man’s porsche). Cost of car to me, would be slightly over 12 months of our savings, prob 18 months for the specific one I’d want.

Obviously cash is king. The more we can save the better. I sold my last house in 2004 after 7 years of ownership and pocketed a 6 figure sum which I still have. Cost of car is silly money; cost of services, tax, insurance, and petrol would be equally silly; it would depreciate like a stone. It’s really just a case of being a little bored at the moment. I guess I feel a bit in limbo after being renting for 6 years now. This saving thing makes me feel like way to sensible and all German.

So buy a house, splurge out on a Porsche, or boringly save like a German ?

Which do you think I stand to lose more on, a circa 600k house purchase in North Dublin, or a 50k Porsche?

Which is more exciting?

For excitement I think its really a case of which will depreciate quicker the Porsche or an apartment in Sutton? My money’s on Sutton.

You might have more luck with a lowball on the Porsche…

Germans too drive Porsches, so it can’t all be save, save, save…

I’m amazed at all these 6 figure wedges with their destinies still tied to buying a gaff.

Its simple, buy the car and rent.

Or compromise.
Rent, save, but spend a good chunk of savings on something else (not necessarily the car).

Don’t buy the house or the Porsche either. Buy this instead!

Its probably got as much practical space as the Porsche and is way cheaper to buy, run, etc. I’ve one and its great fun. You get a really positive reaction from people you meet in it. The Porsche… people might tend to think you’re a knob. And we wouldn’t want that.

I’d save. Cash is only starting to be king.

Much more to go you reckon?

All the Caymans on carzone are spectacularly over-priced. The last price list from Belgard OPC - October 2009 - was: Cayman 5-speed: €61,074, Cayman S: €74,709.

Ignore the 2008 Caymans Irish garages try to sell at €50,000. For €10,000 more you can get a 2010 with warranty and the improved, non-grenade-like new engine from the UK

You’ll get a savage car for less than 50k. Buy a nice motor, rent and save!!

You can be boring, exciting, prudent and reckless all at once!!! Don’t buy a porsche though! Especially a cayman! … annel=CARS … annel=CARS … annel=CARS … annel=CARS … annel=CARS … annel=CARS … annel=CARS … annel=CARS … annel=CARS … annel=CARS … annel=CARS

That Aston Martin is sweet, Django. How many bags of turf do you reckon will fit in the boot?

Well the way I see it is "if I had your choice at the minute I would rather wank over a bank statement than wank in an over priced gaff that has just cost me my bollox, “and if you buy the boxter you will have no need to wank”,! “at all” "but then again a good wank is better than a bad ride ",
You Sir have issues only you can decide “Another car sales man on the slide”
I remember when a Lexus cost more than a 3 bed semi and then came Liam Lawlor and the gang!
Its all so fooked up now “so I cant really advise”

Don’t know what the deals are like now, but a mate of mine bought a '01 Boxster last year which had a sticker price of €19,950 for €11,500 cash from a dealer’s forecourt.

Given the Irish weather he’s toying with the idea of putting a Zeintec hard top on it like this:


For reasons outlined elsewhere, my grand unifying theory of house prices remains unfinished, so dunno.

We actually havn’t seen many firesales yet. We will.

If it were me… … annel=CARS

That’s the lotto car there, I wouldn’t be greedy!

Neither. Splash out on 01/03 ish boxster. All the fun of the cayman for well sub 20k and much less depreciation. Well looked after example will last forever but check for full service record and find a good indie specialist to service it. (Recently bought a convertible myself. Hood down all the time unless it’s actually raining. :slight_smile: )

It looks like it would be perfect for a drive-by shooting…

It’s also a van

Perfect for Yogan, you’d get lots of turf in there!

A commercial version of AMG 63? Weird.