house price calculator pstb

just using it to check the value of my house
gone down by over €100k from peak
just put in values of other houses that were for sale when i bought mine
i know that there are still a lot of people who wouldnt except an offer at what its value is coming out at?

a £32k house in 97 is €121k house today
a £55K house in 97 is €208k house today
a £85k house in 97 is €302k hosue today … ulator.asp

In 1997 I was elected Taoiseach. My financial situation had settled to a point where I was comfortable to buy the house, using the option to buy which I had arranged from the start. I therefore bought the house for £180,000 in October 1997. My purchase of my home was financed by a mortgage of £150,000 from the Irish Permanent Building Society, the balance of £30,000 was financed from accumulated savings in a savings account with that Society.

£180000 today valuation on pstb website is €763872

Beresford Avenue, Drumcondra

This was based on a market valuation from an auctioneer who had put the open market value at about £185,000.
mahon tribunal … y-13-2007/
Detached House €1,475,000 sale agreed 24 January 2008

Bleedin’ gift :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m afraid the PTSB calculator can’t factor in the “I live on the same street as an Ex Taoiseach” factor.

The ability to pop in to your neighbour and say:
“I’m having a few friends over for tea and I’ve run out of sugar,
any chance of a dig-out?”

Plus, one tip on the horsies a week from neighbour Bertie and you’d easily cover that extra 700K that you had to pay for the house.


Is the value attributed not a bit high for this house considering it was 1997, in pre-boomier Pre-Celtic-Tiger Ireland?