House Prices Back at 2014 Price Levels?


5 woodbine avenue reinforces the notion that people will pay good money for an already renovated house. im not surprised given some of the recent threads on boards and askaboutmoney, it appears people buying doer uppers are way off in what they expected a refurb / extension to cost.


The Stone Park development in Mount Merrion is a dog’s dinner. Not sure who the hell would buy any of them. They’ll need to take a minimum of €125,000 off the asking price before they shift No. 3. You’d be a fool to buy it at that price.


Bidding on 57 Carrickbrennan Lawn currently €5k above asking and even more incredibly biddng on the following 3 bed is currently at €1,010,000! Bought for €350k in 2011 albeit a lovely renovation job!

@IrishInOz2020 You seriously need to come home and tell everyone the market is crashing, nobody seems to realise.


decent job on the renovation although the fixtures and fittings dont look high end, 4th bedroom in the attic and an office in the garden so itll appeal to many, nice job on the garden as well.


This house has pretty much nailed every box in the post covid upper middle class desirablily bracket.

Nice location close to a Riverside walk for the extra time you have now on your days working from home and a Separate home office.

Other than that you have the usual suspects ; turnkey condition, B rated BER, good sized southern aspect backgarden, parking for plenty of cars, open plan kitchen , 4 beds ( including attic ) , period charm etc etc

Only thing missing is 'Detached ’


Nice Art Deco vibe ongoing on here.

But never put fresh flowers on top of a lit stove :slight_smile:


Clearly I’m missed! I’ve been too busy enjoying getting out of lockdown to focus on this.

I did spot this house before and I thought it looked good value at the asking price, so I’m not surprised this is hitting €1m.

If you’re buying with a 20 year+ horizon, you have a secure job and you can afford it, I can see why a house like this might be popular.


Sure look there’s demand for it.

But if I was paying a million, I’d find the rear of the building a touch ugly, the living room underwhelming and the third bedroom a bit pokey.


I know the estate, number 62 sold recently for 825k, nice house. If 57 is already at 880k, sounds like bidders panicking due to lock down/last chance to buy this year? Is that a northeast facing garden too…? Looking at the price register, no. 57 sold for 515k a couple of years ago… that’s some increase!


The question I keep wondering about is:

What level of bid would this house attract in October 2021?


I know, incredible to go from 515 to 875 in two years and the Ad certainly doesn’t mention it’s been recently renovated (maybe it omitted this…) so not sure how much work was done to justify that huge jump. I think you’re right there could be a hint of desperation right now with lock down, people wanting to buy by year end etc. At this point I will be holding fire and reassessing next Spring - who knows there could be another post lockdown surge then too with pent up demand. Very hard to know but what I do know is there is no bloody value in the market right now!!


Should have said 515k is significantly lower than anything else on the property register in that estate so expect that was a related parties/family sale. No.38 is on the register on the same day in 2018 having sold for 810k.


Id expect a clearer picture to emerge by Easter or so.

I expect prices to drop significantly over the next few years but nobody really knows whats going to happen as everything happening currently is unprecedented.


I’d also expect to see price drops in the coming years. But not sure that’s going to be possible with the QE measures we’re going to see implemented for quite some time to come.


The latest posts in this thread answer the question in the thread title. Prices remain strong although (because?) the number of transactions is lower.

There were 34 transactions in the Million Euro plus range in Dublin on the Property Price Register in the past month, compared to 93 such transactions in the same period last year. Some of these are multiple dwellings and a couple of prices may be typos but the downward trend in turnover is clear.

But looking at the individual transactions, prices remain bouyant, especially in prime locations like D6 and Dalkey Sizeable family homes with gardens in most of South Co. Dublin are fetching 1 Million which I think reflects the WFH experience.

And in 2019:


Undoubtedly a lack of supply/transactions keeping prices stable/increasing in Dublin, but house prices up in almost every county and very substantially (8/9%) in places.


I understand this went sale agreed for just over 940k. Expensive and out of sync with other houses in Carrickbrennan Lawn, someone obviously wanted it bad!


I noticed it was gone on Daft alright. 940k, jeez! After paying 515 in 2018, Merry Christmas to them. :moneybag:


Also I would imagine a touch of “I want to be in our new house by Christmas” off that. But it only got to 940 cause at least one other keen party.

Funnily enough I saw a recent poster list a few gaffs around the 900k/1mill mark that had all gone below asking which is interesting. My experience is quite the opposite - anything i’ve been remotely interested in or kept tabs on with EAs has gone sale agreed above asking, and substantially so in many cases.

Let’s see what comes in January.


Were they all turn key? They seem to go above asking, while ones that need some work or modernisation tend to go a bit below from what I have seen.