House Prices Back at 2014 Price Levels?


What price has it gone SA for?


Agent wouldn’t disclose or intmate how far above asking it went - they never do (or at least shouldn’t!) unless you have been involved in the bidding.


No. 17 sold for €755k in 2014 and No. 15 sold for €795k in 2016.

Given the supposed increases in house prices since both these years, shouldn’t No. 24 have been asking in excess of a million euro?

I know all houses, even on the same street, are different etc. but still, doesn’t it show a definite and significant downward trend?


23 Glenbourne Grove, Dublin 18

PPR Selling Price - 04/06/2013 = €350,000
PPR Selling Price - 08/10/2018 = €505,000
MyHome Asking Price - 27/08/2020 = €495,000

MyHome link here:

The June 2020 CSO Residential Property Price Index stated that “Dublin residential property prices have risen 91.4% from their February 2012 low”.


13 Rushbrook Grove, Templeogue

09/04/2014 - PPR - €383,000
29/08/2020 - MyHome Asking Price - €425,000

MyHome link here:

The June 2020 CSO Residential Property Price Index stated that “Dublin residential property prices have risen 91.4% from their February 2012 low”.


For some at the very top-end, it seems prices are back at 2005 levels. €6.5m for a house that sold after auction in 2005 for €5.6m to the current vendor. No mention of major works in the meantime.

How curious that this story appears now in the IT, a year after the the deal was done (it was registered “months later” in Dec. 2019.)

Not a real test of the market - an off-market sale to the Saudi Ambassador who has been living there with his family since 2018.


There doesn’t seem to be evidence of significant price declines yet:


Asking 795
Sold 750

And plenty more of these when you look into it.
Il agree certain houses (sought after) have risen a small bit but most are down 10%

Look at enderly in Dalkey just dropped 10% on no13/14


I have noticed that agents are hiding price drops again now. Even though myhome etc can display price drops for a listing - there must be an option for agents to hide the drop. It’s like 2008 all over again where you have to use Google cache to confirm that they’ve dropped the price. I’ve seen a lot of these recently. For example:

Current asking price: €375,000

Asking price on August 12th, €395,000


I have noticed this too, even before covid… houses regularly somehow being re-listed so as not to record a drop. I wonder then as a consequence are such properties then not included in data for Daft/Myhome reports.


Daft and MyHome both showed price drops for a time last year.
But stopped it.
I’m sure it was because pressure from estate agents.
Estate agents are the biggest crooks out there…

I enquired about a house was told it was at 615
Sold 570…


Number 13 showing as sale agreed? And number 14 asking €1.05m, don’t think this is a price drop?



150k knocked off No14


Do you have evidence of 10% reduction in sale (as opposed to asking) prices for ‘family’ homes?


Asking was always too high.
These seemed to be geared more towards retirees than ‘family homes’ ? Nice looking gaffs all the same, as new builds go in Dublin.


Very hard to say when every house is different.
I’ve seen both sides where estate agents undervalue to get bidding war and overprice just to get the client.

At the end of the day
A house is only worth what someone is willing to pay.

I have seen a lot of new builds struggling,
The likes of Brighton wood in foxrock.
Carraig Bui off rochestown ave.

Smart move by builders keeping these estates to limited numbers.
And they still find it tough to seek last few units.


Ive been observing numerous 5 to 10 per cent drops in commuter areas over the past few months


Enderley was priced very aggressively, and they have been for sale over 2 years now, the price drop was overdue and not really covid related imo.

again people are conflating price drops on asking for frothily priced properties with a decrease in property prices, its not the same thing.


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