House prices down 9pc since April

Would that be
May, June, July + August… or what? Best case its April->August, 5 months.

Annualised to an approximate 20% decrease? Ouchies.

I think the old EAs are more likely to exaggerate the actual falls to try an stoke the ashes of the the property market.

Nail On Head.

Any survey that’s based on phone calls to EA’s should be given little or no credibility in my opinion - regardless of whether the results are in line with my own opinions or not. Bring on the property sales database and put an end to these laughable “surveys”.

My experience of news like this is you invariably run into someone who during a conversation remarks that house prices cannot fall much further and that now is a good time to buy :unamused: despite running the same spiel past you a year before

I predict an upsurge in WIW posts.

I think many people will find it hard to value houses for sale without knowing what it was worth during '06.

I thought it was tights go down and house prices go up? XD

There’s never been a better time to lie

The Indo’s take on the state of the market (for what that’s worth), county by county… … 42216.html


This property bubble has taught me so much about people – get their emotions involved and you can make them believe anything.

From the indo article:

Oh how canny those buyers are…

This time next year these morons will be complaining their negative equity is the government’s fault or the bank’s fault, etc.

I’ll forgive someone for buying in 2005, but I won’t forgive someone for buying in 2010. A quick search on a website like returns a million posts explaining why houses are still way overpriced.